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Spotlight On Amy Stroup

Spotlight On Amy Stroup

Amy Stroup’s music has been featured on popular TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars and Nashville and no doubt you’ll have heard her vocals before. Three years in the making, her new album Tunnel is a beautiful result of intense soul-searching, combining personal lyrics and simmering vocals. We caught up with Amy ahead of the UK release of Tunnel to chat about what inspired her and the album.


CF: Do you have any singer/songwriters who inspire you? 

Amy: I think Lucinda Williams is one of my favourites. Not only is she an incredible songwriter and honest performer, I think it’s also that she has been doing music for so long and is still so respected by men and women alike. I think any one in these hard times of making music who strike out and try are also inspiring. It seems now more than ever it takes so much bravery to create music and to try and get it out there.

CF: If you could describe your new album Tunnel in three words what would they be? 


CF: You’ve been featured in many top TV shows, which were you most excited for your music to be part of? 

Amy: I love all the shows that have featured my music. Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars and Nashville are some of my favourites. That said,  if I have to pick one, I’d say I was absolutely stoked about the Parenthood placements. I’m an avid watcher and fan of the show. It is definitely a music show featuring great songs, so for me it was an honour to be among other great musicians.

CF: You’re from Nashville but are a part of the ‘Other Nashville’ community…do you think this has influenced the type of music you make? 

Amy: I think Nashville has allowed me the ability to make the music I create. It’s a great time to make music in Nashville. There are so many great songwriters, studio musicians, and platforms that help get the word out for indie artist like Musicians Corner, Music City Unsigned, Ten out of Tenn and others. It’s a great town for making any type of music.

CF: Tunnel includes songs that seem very personal to you. Was it a difficult album to write? 

Amy: I think if I didn’t write I’d be clogged as a human, full of too many unexpressed emotions. I think writing this personal album has kept me sane in many ways. It’s given me a way to process and express life and heal. It was difficult, but necessary to write it.

CF: What do you think that personal element contributes to the album?

Amy: Hopefully honesty and sincerity. I think without those two ingredients it’s hard to connect to people. I tried my best for those two things on ŒTunnel.

CF: Lastly, do you have a favourite song on the album? 

Amy: I don’t have a favourite, that’s like asking a parent which child is their favourite! BUT I have to say I was most surprised at writing Back Burner and Finally Found Our Way more for melodic reasons than lyrics. I like the place Versailles takes me as well.

Tunnel is released on the 4th February, 2014. 

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