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Spotlight On Neulore

Spotlight On Neulore

Having embarked on the Communion Music Tour earlier on in the year, Nashville folk band Neulore – led by duo Adam Agin and William T. Cook – will continue their US tour at the end of July and into August, opening for Culturefly favourite Ingrid Michaelson. Signed to LA indie Chop Shop Records, the band are also set to release their full-length album in the fall. We caught up with William T. Cook prior to the duo setting off on tour, to talk about the upcoming album, songwriting influences and what fans can expect from the July/August tour. 
NeulorePress1CF: What led to you and Adam joining forces?
I met Adam hanging at a friend’s house about a week after moving to Nashville. We talked a bit about musical aspirations and decided to hang and jam the next week. After playing around with some songs he had been working on I knew there was something special going on that I needed to invest in and see where it led.

CF: You’ll be releasing your full-length debut, Animal Evole, later on in the year. What was the recording process for the album like?

Before we started tracking each song we would discuss what the “scene” looked like for the song. Setting, characters, sounds, emotional imagery, etc…..  Really trying to visualize what we saw in our heads and then capture that sonically. For instance, if we saw a song as a boy in the middle of a battle with cannon balls whirling around him we might be more likely to use orchestral drums that people tend to associate with war, and other sounds that feel fairly tense while trying to juxtapose that with elements representative of the innocence and inner turmoil of the young boy caught in the midst of it.

CF: Your songs have been featured on several TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy, are there any other shows you’d like to hear your music on?

To be honest, I read a lot and don’t watch much TV, so I can’t really say. Any show that would like to use our songs…TV placements are one of the few solid ways for musicians to support themselves these days with streaming being what it is, so we’re beyond thankful when someone decides to use our song on their show.

CF: Your music has been described as “new folk”, how would you personally describe it?

I think our main goal is to speak honesty and openly about humanity in our music. The joy along with the struggle. Our songs are our way of discussing the divide or bridge between people and how nothing we do affects no one.

CF: What influences your songwriting?

For me it’s mostly books and other music I happen to be listening to.  I try to absorb what I like about everything I read or hear and figure out a way to absorb it into my style as most artists do. Other people are just brilliant! Adam tends to be more influenced by movies and visual elements.

CF: You say you’re movie fans, what’s your favourite movie score or soundtrack?  

The first soundtrack I remember having an impact on me was Jurassic Park. It was the first time I felt like the music influenced my emotions as much as the rest of the movie and stuck with me after the show was over.

CF: You’re going to be touring in July and August, what can fans expect from your shows?

A lot of energy and heart. We try to leave everything we have on the stage each night.

CF: What singers or bands inspire you past and present?

I grew up listening to a lot of classic music, but the few that I still pull out every now and then are Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. They’re good reminders of how imperfections and spontaneity make music perfect. The Beatles were masters of melody, and Zeppelin were just the kings of rawness.

CF: What are you listening to at the moment?

Sylvan Esso, Bombay Bicycle Club, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend and St. Vincent to name a few.

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