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Specter At The Feast – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Specter At The Feast – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

specter at the feastReleased: 2013

Blues Licks, fuzzy guitars and acres of amped up feedback, watch out folk rock scenesters, 2013 is about to get a dirty rock revival.

After taking time off in 2010 the trio found their focus and returned to their roots, using their first album B.R.M.C as inspiration for their new album, Specter at the Feast. With the loss of someone they often referred to as their fourth member, Michael Been, bassist Robert Been’s Father, the songs hold a lot more emotion than their first album and have a new depth to them.

The album starts with Firewalker, after a two-minute oriental style intro the song kicks into a Cure-esque melodramatic, heavily distorted tale of lost love. The song is experimental, downbeat and probably not the best song to start their sixth album with as it’s quite a hard to get into and the intro really doesn’t pump you up for the album, instead I was nearly dribbling on my laptop.

With songs that pick you up, songs that drop you down and some that will have you jumping on your sofa playing air guitar, in all it’s a pretty good album. Revival embraces U2 style distortion, with singing blues guitar whilst Lose Yourself brings you down again with its minor key rock ballad rounding the album off to where you started from.

Hate The Taste is the best song on the album, a lot simpler, a catchy guitar riff repeats over minimalistic beats, which leads into a foot stomping ruckus of musical waves fighting it out to see who will reach your ears first.

If you want a cathartic album when you’re feeling low, something that will embrace your feelings whilst picking you up and then dropping you back to where you began, this is for you. As a fan of B.R.M.C I have to say I’m a little disappointed with this new album, it feels like a step backwards, not forwards. Long gone are the days of Howl, the album that I see as their best album to date, which had more experimental raw music, but it was a lot quieter.

With the album released on Monday 16th March, the band are embarking on a six date UK tour and they are definitely a lot better live than they are on CD.


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