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So Rewind – Narrow Plains Single Review

So Rewind – Narrow Plains Single Review

With a vocal and style that immediately brings to mind Newton Faulkner, the new single from Narrow Plains is a fun acoustic track which deserves to sit alongside it’s better known cousin. The best compliment you can pay it is to say that, if the track was played to you with no knowledge of its origin, you might assume it was a new track from Faulkner. And not just an album track, this is prime single material.

Pacy and energetic without ever overfilling its acoustic sound, it’s deceptively complex in structure but made to sound simple by the easy transitions from one section to the next. The verse skips along lightly before the chorus grows outwards to make an impact, before shrinking back into itself for that great verse to come back around again. Once more, simply structured but well pulled off.

Narrow Plains, coming off a successful EP in Somewhere In Between, are fast marking themselves out as an independent acoustic act to watch. With this single out now, this is the perfect chance to be the first of your friends to discover them.

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