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slipstreamReleased: 2013

When a band states that they channel the heart and spirit of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan when what you are listening to is music swamped in so much buzz-saw synth tones and electronic flourishes, it’s hard not to be sceptical. But as the opening title track segues into Another Love you actually begin to think it may be possible.

The Austrian collective carry the heavyweight riffage of Zeppelin and their rumbling bass lines to a rusty modern electronic sound, to make what is frankly some of the dirtiest music I have heard in a while.

If the vocals are not drenched in leering cries and Robert Plantisms for the sexually voracious, then I don’t know what is, and with the Rick Wright inspired organ stabs on Notice it becomes all about vintage rock wrapped up in a shawl of modern production. And that’s something that isn’t done a whole lot these days.

Sure, plenty of bands have employed modern production techniques to make it all a bit beefier and loud, too loud in many instances, but what Steaming Satellites have done is invent some original riffs and make the whole instrumentation sound up to date-not just the production.

There is little in the way of stand-out material across the 40 minutes of electronic indie, but the truth is there is a coherence of sound on display here that captures the imagination more than any individual chorus or lick.

It’s good that with their second album the band have decided to go a little bit ballsier and try to establish something genuinely new, because the truth is it works. It works a treat.

For casual listeners it will probably rollick past largely unnoticed but that should not deter from what the Satellites are streaming here. It’s all good stuff. So for those wanting something a little bit newer, something a little less ‘safe’, you could do worse than checking out Slipstream.


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