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Sliding Off The Edge Of The World – Nuborg Review

Sliding Off The Edge Of The World – Nuborg Review

Nuborg Sliding off the Edge of the World album coverFrom the very outset, the new album from Norwegian songwriter Nuborg is one that holds your attention. The first two tracks, Away With The Fairies and title song Sliding Off The Edge of the World, sum it up perfectly not only in sound, but in the titles too. For Nuborg is an artist who does seem distant, ‘away with the fairies’, and with an unusual sensibility that’s not of this world.

I can only assume this track order is not an accident, and is designed to draw you in to the ambient sounds of Nuborg’s world. Blending spaced out electronic effects with pop structures, it’s a specific and careful approach that is very well constructed to wring the maximum out of each track.

The sound is light and airy, but the themes and mood are deep and occasionally dark as the album continues. Perhaps the only exception, You You is a more straight up pop song with a hint of romance. The rest though is the result of a brilliant, shadowy imagination.

But don’t let that convince you it’s hard going. On the contrary, in spite of its hefty ideas this is an album which is immediately accessible. It’s a tough tightrope to walk, but Nuborg manages it throughout.

Sliding Off the Edge of the World is out now on iTunes, and you can try out the title track here:

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