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Sleeping Bear – Gayle Skidmore

Sleeping Bear – Gayle Skidmore

SleepingBearCoverReleased: 2013

The music on Gayle Skidmore’s second album, Sleeping Bear, seems like a far cry from the usual mix of hair metal and boozy glam rock often found in her native California, but her brand of up-tempo pop is a welcome breath of fresh air amongst all the pollutant cans of hairspray and half consumed beer bottles.

With a classical upbringing, and a lively full piece band behind her, Gayle Skidmore is thankfully not taking her pop down the highly synthesised electronic market, but instead keeping it raw, honest and simple.

Don’t Let Me Go has a wonderfully catchy chorus and some gentle piano lines whilst the dirty charm of Whisky & Cigarettes with its swirling ‘70s organ homage and venomous lyrics of ‘why do I keep coming back to you again and again?’ delivered with a pretty grim sneer is first rate.

It’s incredible just how many moods Skidmore manages to tackle across this album, with the optimistic epicness of Tourniquet to the reflective piano charm of Pendulum, it’s all here, and sounds lovely.

Gayle Skidmore’s music is perhaps not totally original, but her songs will have you tapping your foot and nodding along in appreciation, and there is no denying she does it well. It’s thinking person’s pop music, who appreciates contemplative lyrics and genuine instrumentation. It’s candlelit coffee shop music for the romantic. It’s honest, engaging storytelling wrapped up in a bundle of lilting melodies and swinging rhythms. It’s the sound of hard graft and a natural talent who should be coming to a venue near you soon.


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