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The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have revealed the latest addition to Skyforge’s playable roster of characters, the Cryomancer. Unveiled in a newly released trailer for the MMO beta, the Cryomancer will appear as one of the starting classes, and is recommended as the perfect character for beginners.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of play styles when taking on the role of the Cryomancer, due to its role versatility and highly dynamic combat abilities. Whether you choose to fight from a distance or jump right into the middle of the fight, the class’s capability to inflict massive damage will surely see his enemies disposed of quickly.

Here is a closer look at two of the Cryomancer’s basic offensive abilities:

  • Cryonic Pulse – Depending on how long the player holds down the mouse button, one of the following abilities is activated: Shattered Storm (moderate damage to a single target) or Freezing Gale (damage to multiple enemies within a specific radius of the target).
  • Icy Missile – Just like with Cryonic Pulse, the effect of this skill depends on the time you hold down the mouse button. Short clicks will activate Icy Thorn that inflicts considerable damage to a single target. Holding down the mouse button will trigger Icy Dart that will add damage over time effect to your base damage.

Along with these, the class will also feature a variety of more impressive abilities, including;

  • Snowball – This ability is primarily used for crowd control at a medium range. It knocks down the enemies and takes them with it as it rolls along. Eventually it breaks apart, sending the enemies flying and stunning them.
  • Ice Statue – This ability is a diversionary tactic; the Cryomancer slides back, leaving an ice statue in his place that distracts opponents and applies Intense Cooling effect to them. The effect can be stacked until it completely immobilizes them.
  • Whiteout – Affects several targets at once. An ice storm rises from the ground that slows down and inflicts damage to all enemies that get caught in it.
  • Northern Breeze – This is a finishing ability that becomes available when the target has a small amount of health left. It inflicts fatal damage, turning the enemy into a block of ice.
  • Frost Shackles – The Cryomancer’s ultimate ability! It creates an icy dome around the character that rapidly increases in size, and the enemies caught within it take great damage and are turned into ice statues. The ability is also effective against bosses immune to other types of control.


With only handful of the Cryomancer’s abilities so far revealed, a more detailed list of all of the class’s abilities will be released at a later date in a special section of the Skyforge website. Players can test out the Cryomancer now by signing up to the beta for free at sf.my.com

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