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Skins Series 7, Episode 2 Pt.1

Skins Series 7, Episode 2 Pt.1

uktv-skins-pure-part-1-‘Pure – Part 1’

Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray) is the sweet, but crazy, original Skins gang member, who returns after several years away as a new woman, mostly. She danced, organised and slept her way into the lives and hearts of viewers from day one and like Effy (Kaya Scodelario), Cassie was one of the characters with the most interesting stories because she never seemed to achieve whatever it was she was looking for.

When we last saw Cassie she’d run away from Sid, seemingly accidentally, for New York. There she met a man who ended up leaving her an apartment to stay in whilst he pursued his love interest. Our final shot was of Sid (Mike Bailey) searching for her as she worked in a NY café.

It appears the teen romance with her and Sid has come to an end as we’re reunited with Cassie in London and she’s a much less OCD-esque person it seems. She’s organised herself, perhaps because she keeps away from most of the people who know her. She’s still lost and working in a café though. As Cassie herself says, she’s ‘waiting’ for something. This isn’t as action/drama a story as Skins Fire, which wouldn’t suit a Cassie story. Rather, Skins Pure is about Cassie and others simply being themselves and showing that to one another, without pretence. The people she meets don’t know her but they’re drawn to her. Two separate people joke that they don’t want her to leave because she makes things more bearable and less lonely.

So many characters have tried to help Cassie in the past but none have succeeded. Somehow, this mystery with Cassie has been captured by an unknown photographer and in doing so may just force Cassie to see herself for the first time as others do, as beautiful. Hannah Murray herself has always been an enchanting actress, her expressions so interesting in portraying Cassie’s ‘in the moment’ emotions. Plus she dances in sunlight and that always looks mesmerising.


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