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Sixty Minutes of Sherlock Holmes Style Fun: The Escape Hunt London Review

Sixty Minutes of Sherlock Holmes Style Fun: The Escape Hunt London Review

Always looking for new and quirky things to do, I first stumbled across the idea of ‘escape games’ whilst browsing through YPlan. Yplan, for those of you who don’t know, is the latest app in last minute event discovery. I decided on ‘The Escape Hunt London’ as this company offers the ability to play as a twosome, while most of its competitors insist on three + players.

‘The Escape Hunt’ is situated in a basement in the city of London and, upon arrival, you are greeted by beautiful young women in plaid miniskirts and led into a ‘Sherlock Holmes style’ lounge with leather sofas and coffee tables. Here you are given a set of instructions which consist of three sentences; “You will be locked in a room. You have sixty minutes to get out. Any questions?”
the-escape-hunt-londonIntroduction over, you are led into a room with what feels like a ticking time bomb above the door, counting down your sixty minutes. The room itself is filled with well-hidden clues, props and gadgets to aid your escape. Each group of players is assigned a games master who watches through a one-way mirror and has the ability to phone through with hints and tips via an intercom system.

We played what was described as a ‘medium difficulty’ game called ‘Theft from the Lab’. It all started well with us finding clues, discovering codes and opening padlocks to unleash more clues. But with that ticking time bomb above the door, we soon started to loose momentum and I quickly realised why the other companies were insisting on three or more players. Two brains were clearly not enough and we got too sucked in to the red herrings along the way. Thank goodness for our games master and her plethora of tips!

After some good fun, lots of laughs (and a fair few arguments) we finally escaped the room. As we were the last players of the day, our lovely games master allowed us an extra thirty minutes (yes we needed an extra thirty minutes) to find the final clues and finish the game. I may not have been the best detective they’ve ever seen, in fact I have no doubt I was the worst detective they have ever seen, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and this is ultimately the crux of a good night out.

This is an exhilarating, fresh and well-organised activity that is perfect for Londoners looking for something different.

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