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sinners-epReleased: 2013

This 18 year old has had a busy year, carrying out her A-Levels and working a Saturday job to pay for her recording sessions. She even had to produce EP’s and her first gigs without a record label or financial backing. Well, it has all paid off. With her second EP Sinners released this week (22nd July) and with a nearly sold out tour to follow this autumn, Lauren Aquilina is definitely paving her own way.

Sinners is a haunting EP, with Lauren’s powerful ballad-esque vocals conducting very basic backing music. Some of the lyrics are a tad suspect, but it’s nothing a few more years of experience won’t cure. The opening track, Sinners, is the first and best track on the EP; Lauren sounds like Ellie Goulding’s younger sister but less edgy and more RnB. The other three tracks on the EP verge on the repetitive and are all quite similar – they reminded me of songs from a musical (especially Talk to Me).

Lauren obviously has a large following but this EP seems very young, with the exception of the title track, like it’s missing something. It’ll be interesting to see how she evolves as an artist because her voice truly is amazing.


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