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Silicon Valley Season 1, Episode 6 Review

Silicon Valley Season 1, Episode 6 Review

‘Third Party Insourcing’

As the title of the episode suggests, a new member is brought into the incubator to finish Pied Piper before the start of TechCrunch. Richard is forced by the other guys to bring in a specialist to help him with cloud-based integration modules for the app. Kevin ‘The Carver’ (Austin Abrams) is hired, but it doesn’t go to plan for Richard.

Richard is feeling the pressure as it’s only one week until he has to present a completed app. This is taking its toll on Richard’s body, as a visit to the doctor shows that he has aged forty years in the last seven weeks.
silicon-valley-third-party-insourcing-01As if things weren’t stressful enough, Gilfoyle invites his new satanic girlfriend Tara (Milana Vayntrub) to stay in the incubator. Dinesh and Gilfoyle have been bitter rivals ever since they met in the incubator, but Gilfoyle takes their rivalry to the next level when he tricks Dinesh into thinking that Tara wants to have sex with him. Erlich is outraged and cannot believe that a woman would choose Dinesh over himself.

It was Jared’s idea to bring in The Carver due to the approaching deadline, but what he failed to recognise is that Kevin is mentally unstable and currently taking Adderall. Jared is on his way back to the incubator after a meeting with Monica, when she offers to give him a ride home. Jared accepts the offer, and cannot believe his eyes when a self-driving car arrives to take him home. Unfortunately for Jared, he doesn’t make it home as the car recalculates its route and heads for Peter Gregory’s new island, which is hundreds of miles away. Jared is stuck with the medication on an automated island in the middle of the sea.

Meanwhile, back at Pied Piper, Richard starts to underestimate his abilities as a coder, and asks The Carver for help. After returning to the incubator with snacks for Kevin, Richard learns that Kevin has inadvertently destroyed all of the Pied Piper code. This forces the guys to come together and revise all of it.
silicon-valley-third-party-insourcing-02Third Party Insourcing is written by Dan O’Keefe – a man who is best known for his roles as a writer for Seinfeld and The League. O’Keefe teams up with old friend Alec Berg, who directs the episode, and the pair prove their worth as comedy writers. Again the humour is coming from an ironic source – the failure of technology. Although this idea has been used on several occasions in the show, it doesn’t actually seem to get old. For the first time in the series, we have some authentic visual comedy. The highlight of the episode comes when an angry Erlich punches a child in the face.

With Third Party Insourcing, the writers have delivered another superb episode of Silicon Valley, with terrific performances from an ensemble cast. The show has been nominated for three Emmy awards, including outstanding directing for a comedy series, outstanding writing for a comedy series and outstanding comedy series. All of these nominations are thoroughly deserved.


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