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Tim Lane is a Bristol based artist whose gothic drawing style is highly recognisable and unique. After completing his epic 5 metre long concertina book drawing, Anima Mundi with Kickstarter back in 2014, he’s back offering a whole new illustrated short story with help of Antlers gallery.

Silent Quarter is an emotional and philosophically reflective journey through the mind of an old man – who is both a mask-maker and a barber – as he comes to the end of his long life. Dealing with themes of reality and delusion, loss, family, death and morality. Tim’s intricate illustrations take us through this unusual realm beautifully adding to the themes and bringing the old man’s world to life. tim-lane-silent-quarter-2The Silent Quarter Kickstarter gives you a chance to receive the book itself providing a portable and tactile way to enjoy the whole virtual experience and this will be made to the highest quality as per Antlers Gallery’s dedication to provide the best experience for both the artist and viewer. There are also chances to get your hands on signed first editions, postcards, prints, an invite to the launch party and MUCH more.

Get on over to Kickstarter to back this remarkable project and own a very special book indeed.

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