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Genre: Comedy

Directed by: Ben Wheatley

Starring: Alice Lowe, Steve Oram

Beginning as a stand up act between writers and stars Steve Oram and Alice Lowe, Sightseers tells the story of a holiday gone wrong. As Tine (Lowe) asks Chris (Oram) to show her his world, the initial visit to Criche Tram Museum takes a macabre twist as a man lies dead underneath their caravan. With a forlorn expression, Tina tells Chris that she does not want this to ruin their holiday.

To describe the film in further detail would ruin the shock value of both its crudest joke and goriest death. The tale of twisted love, set against a picturesque, blood stained English countryside, is by far the year’s funniest film. The script is one of the tightest in years, not leaving the audience behind on its caravan ride of terror for a second. It has power right up to the brilliant final frame, aided even more by the brutally funny, dynamic central duo.

With Kill List director Ben Wheatley at the helm, Sightseers is also as beautiful as it is dark. The locations mirror the cold, if romantic, central theme with the direction keeping a tight focus on the characters and the situations excess.

The film’s only fault lies in its editing. While in later acts the film does settle down, the initial act stumbles around with Indie film technique. The mismatched continuity is just that little bit unsettling enough to disturb the audience in the opening scenes. This however is nothing in comparison to how unbelievably funny this film is. It is not something that will ruin the holiday.

Sightseers is a must see, an unmissable caravan ride through the dark recesses of the human mind, laid bare against a scenic backdrop stained by heinous crimes. Crude for some. Hilarious for everyone else.


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