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Shake A Little Harder EP – The Please, Please Me

Shake A Little Harder EP – The Please, Please Me

the please please me epReleased: 2013

Indie music is one of those genres where it’s all too easy for groups to jump on the bandwagon (excuse the pun) and imitate the successful artists, often devouring any kind of originality just for a shot at success. With The Please, Please Me, Indie pop has finally found a band willing to do it their way.

The Please, Please Me are an eclectic trio led by Jessie Torrisi (vocals/guitar) the self-proclaimed fiery front-woman who clearly enjoys every minute of leading this band. What is most unusual is that there is no bass player but Alissa McClure provides the gentle but weighty undertones on cello. It’s a bizarre line-up but listening to this EP, it undeniably works.

Their debut release, Shake A Little Harder opens with All Danced Out, a tune packed with so much groove it should make you shake harder all summer long. The swirling Dreamin’ is really where the cello sound comes alive, and is so epic in its delivery, it could have come off one of Train’s albums.

It’s a varied and rewarding debut EP from the fresh-faced trio and on the evidence of this, more great music is to come. They will no doubt be prowling the festival circuits soon and  deliver more solid tunes live on stage. There is something for everyone here, and any band that are bringing the glockenspiel back are surely worthy of our attention!


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