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It’s a tale as old as time featuring an elegant protagonist who has taken centre stage in the sparkly dreams of many little girls. Cinderella has always been the Queen Bee of the Disney princesses, and now the rags to riches story has been revived to bring her out of the cartoon and into real life.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Cinderella is back on the big screen with more magic and glitter than before; not to mention a spectacular cast. Sticking to the traditional blonde English Rose stereotype, ‘Ella’ is played by Lily James (last seen in Downton Abbey), while Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden makes for a rather yummy Prince Charming. However, the most exciting casting decision has to be the Fairy Godmother – played by Helena Bonham Carter, who will no doubt bring her trademark wit and warmth to the role.

By the looks of the trailer, as well as the charming classic story, the costumes will be a good enough reason in themselves to go and see it – with some spectacularly hideous gowns for the evil stepmother and duo of mean stepsisters, and of course a breathtaking blue dress for Cinderella magicked up by her Fairy Godmother.

The snapshot preview also suggests that Disney have chosen to keep the story fresh by setting up Ella’s relationship with her mum at the beginning of the film, building on the cruelty of her new family, and introducing her to Prince Charming a bit earlier than the 1950s cartoon version.

Due to be released in March 2015, cue thousands of girls (and maybe a few boys) dusting off their Mother’s Disney princess dress-up outfits and flouncing off to the cinema, and ASDA, and school…

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