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Secret Garden: Artist’s Edition Review

Secret Garden: Artist’s Edition Review

Johanna Basford’s beautiful colouring book Secret Garden: Artist’s Edition is a delight. The popularity of Basford’s colouring books have taken off in recent times, as has the overall popularity of colouring books for adults. the-secret-garden-artist-edition-2This edition, which takes the best of Basford’s earlier work, is perhaps the classiest of books to emerge from the adult colouring revolution. The drawings are intricate and wonderfully presented and the subject matter of birds, bees, butterflies, beetles and beautiful secluded treehouses is the perfect antidote to the stress of modern urban life. the-secret-garden-artist-edition-coloured-inIf colouring alone isn’t enough for the budding artist within, then why not pull out and display your finished masterpiece? The pages are a thick smooth card, well suited to handling both crayons and ink without going to pieces, and can be coaxed out of the book fairly easily without any risk of ripping.

If you’ve yet to embrace the colouring revolution then this book is a great place to start.


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