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scott-ian-swearing-words-in-glasgowReleased: November 2014

As the perennial grinning guitar god in thrash metal lynchpins Anthrax, Scott Ian’s status in the metal community has always been legendary.

It’s nice therefore to see him outside of his comfort zone on his spoken word tour, regaling metalheads with stories of the man who was so vital to Anthrax’s music, but who usually reveals little about his personality, plus some heartwarming stories of those who he knows best.

Scott Ian’s storytelling is a little rough around the edges it has to be said, with most of his stories not having a concrete ending. But the content is genuinely engaging.

The revelations of ‘get your own back’ style encounters with Pantera axeman Dimebag Darrell, a first meeting with Lemmy and the audience Q&A sessions are the most revealing, although Ian fails to re-iterate some of the questions from the audience which cannot be heard at times.

In terms of extras, there are two scenes cut from the main session, as well as a swearing super cut – five minutes of Ian saying profanities is less than revealing, although has probably given the name of this DVD some weight.

It’s a decent stab at the spoken word show, although it is one that Ian is clearly a novice at. Unlike the battle-hardened Henry Rollins from Black Flag, who is the ultimate in rock ‘n’ roll spoken word debauchery, Ian lacks a little nous for the format. But he does at least have some great stories to tell, and comes across as a genuinely likeable guy (unlike Rollins in some of his shows, it must be said). Ian surely has a greater story to tell one day.


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