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What hits you first in the teaser trailer for The Rover are the exquisite shots of the Australian landscape. Quiet with the right mix of gentle light over a sparse and desolate grassland which throws the solitary figures huddled round a dying fire into sharp relief. What follows is just over a minute of menacing yet muted flashing teamed with Guy Pearce’s ominous voice over.

We are given very little in the way of a storyline but the teaser leaves you with the impression of a world populated by haunted and complicated characters prone to violence and possessing less than true moral compasses. We are promised a brooding exploration into acts of vengeance and desperation in this seemingly paired down offering from David Michod, who directed 2010’s Animal Kingdom. Hopefully subsequent trailers will be able to fill us in on what is at the core of what looks to be a really interesting film.

Scoot McNairy and Robert Pattinson co-star in the film which is due to be released Summer 2014.

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