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Doing the rounds at both the Venice & Toronto Film Festival, Under The Skin has already had the critics divided.

Based on the book by Michel Faber, Under Your Skin tells the story of an alien who is sent to Earth to pickup, drug & deliver unwary hitchhikers to her employer. It stars Scarlett Johansson, looking far less glam than she will in her other LFF film, Don Jon.

The footage, released last week to coincide with the film’s showing in Venice, is fragmented, unnerving but utterly spellbinding. Images of Johansson walking the streets of Scotland & approaching various, lonely men – most startlingly one with a haunting disfigurement – are juxtaposed with images of blue bodies floating lifelessly in a dark abyss. Mixing the ambient, diegetic winds of the Highlands with a disorientating & monotone ringing sound, the clip (that clocks in at less than a minute) leaves you confused of what you have just seen, but eager to see more.

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