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With rumours flying around that zombie survival game Rust will soon be making the leap over to console, opening the game up to a whole host of new players, it seems like a great time to offer some important tips on navigating this apocalyptic world. So if you’re a new player hoping to do well in this zombie ridden radioactive wasteland, or have even been playing for ages, check out these tips on the best ways to play and survive in Rust, you may learn something you didn’t know.

Visit https://rustmap.net/:

It is very easy to get lost when you’re playing Rust; a lot of the landscapes look the same, and there aren’t that many landmarks about, apart from a few mountains and small towns. This map will come in extremely handy. If you haven’t yet set your spawn and need to run back to your items before someone else pinches them, or want to meet up with your friends but they don’t know where they are, this map will get you to where you need to go, fast. Whether you study up on the locations of this map or have it ready on a separate tab or screen, this map could make all the difference.
Rust_2Explore the map and try things out:

For your first few hours playing this game, try to find a less populated server and just wander around and try out all of the different features within the game, hit random trees and rocks, walk into the creepy looking towns and see what happens. Because there are no real instructions within the game, the best way to grasp how things work is just through experience. By playing on these quieter servers, you’ll be less likely to run into any trouble players and most often they have friendly admins and players who will be willing to provide you with some basic gear or teach you some of the ropes.

Beware of the dangerous creatures:

Depending on which servers you play on there will most likely be three hostile mobs that you need to watch out for: wolves, bears and zombies. Each of these mobs will be able to kill you pretty easily, if you don’t have a weapon or any kind of armour to protect yourself. If you do however attract the attention of one of these three creatures, and don’t have anything to defend yourself with, then you should run. Forget about trying to get kills and keep your gear safe. You will eventually out run them and they’ll lose interest and go back to wandering around towns and fields.
Priority items that you should get your hands on:

When you first spawn into the world, you will find you have three items on you: a rock, some bandages, and a torch. Although these are useful they are very basic, and your first mission after spawning should be to obtain some food, which you can get from killings pigs, some kind of weapon that you can loot from crates, and wood which you can get by hitting trees or log piles. The wood is the easiest to obtain and the most important of these three things. Once you have wood you can craft a basic wooden shelter and wooden door, making you your own safe cosy home, where people can’t get you and where you can store all of your items. By getting all three of these important items, it will help you survive the first night and prepare you for the following days.

Beware the Night:

Night times in Rust are quite long and are very dark. As soon as you see the sun starting to set, you should be thinking about heading back to your house, or to a secure building. Once it is dark it becomes even harder to find your way around, even with the map, and there will be more hostile mobs out and about looking to eat you. If you have managed to find a weapon with a light or have crafted more torches, then you should be able to venture into the night. Without a sufficient light source you will be extremely vulnerable, and should stay indoors.
Don’t just sit around, use the night to your advantage:

So you’re now sat in your house and it has just turned night-time. Instead of sitting there waiting for the sun to rise twiddling your thumbs, use this time to be productive. Did you manage to get some food during the day, or mine some ores, or is your inventory full and really unorganised? Spend the night crafting new items, cooking up any food or ores you have, or managing your inventory by putting things into boxes or bags. Doing these things at night saves you precious time in the light and actually helps the night go by quicker.

Setting up a base:

Now that you have learned all of the basics and have amassed a whole heap of items, you’re going to want to build a secure base for you and all of your things. When choosing a base location, be smart, try to build somewhere less populated but still close to resources. Bases require a lot of wood and metal fragments to construct, so a location next to a forest or field where boulders spawn is ideal.
Do not shoot first:

Although you will find people with itchy trigger fingers on every server, the majority of people will be just like you. By not shooting first and instead typing in chat or speaking over voice to say that you are friendly, you will often avoid very awkward shot outs where someone will die, and instead potentially make a new friend who will supply you with items or offer to trade you for things you need. With all this being said, treat each encounter with caution, if it’s the end of the day and you have a lot of stuff in your inventory, make sure your weapon is close by, just in case things go south.

Lastly and most importantly, set your spawn and log off somewhere safe.

This is where houses and shelters become even more essential for your continued survival. When you log off from Rust your character will essentially fall to the ground in an unconscious state, and here you will stay until you log back in. Whilst unconscious however, you are still visible to anyone else in the server, meaning they can hit you, and kill you and steal your stuff and you won’t even know until you log back in.
Logging out whilst inside a house or somewhere hidden provides an element of protection against this. Do not log out in the middle of the road, I have seen this many times and it never ends well.

In order to set your spawn all you need to do is place down a sleeping bag that you have crafted from cloth. Upon dying you then just need to select the ‘respawn at camp’ option and you will appear on top of your sleeping bag. If someone destroys your sleeping bag however, your spawn is then destroyed and you will once again respawn in a random location. Try to also keep this indoors or somewhere secure so you don’t have to spend ages finding your way back to your base.

These are just a few tips out of the many that you’ll surely learn whilst playing Rust. For more information be sure to check out the Rust Wiki page or the Facepunch Forums.

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