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Royal Blood at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review

Royal Blood at the Leeds Met – Live At Leeds Review


Easily one of the highlights of the day, Royal Blood played to a packed out Met stage in which people were being turned away. And after the opening number, it was clear why they were so eagerly anticipated.

Playing the kind of ear-splitting progressive metal that Mastodon, Bigelf and Baroness have carved careers out of, it is a testament to just how popular the genre is right now that Royal Blood have attracted such a large following.

What is more astonishing then is that Royal Blood consist of only two members: bassist/vocalist Michael Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. Thatcher is nothing short of a machine, with drumming so hard and potent you genuinely worry whether the stage is structurally sound enough to hold them up.

Kerr meanwhile has a vocal style which has the feminine quality of Rush’s Geddy Lee mixed with a hoarseness more befitting the metal genre but with some hurricane-inducing riffery in the armoury it is no wonder they are so popular. Kerr does have a little wobble when he greets the Leeds crowd as Liverpool, a mistake which is corrected a song later much to the crowd’s amusement.

Royal Blood are also the first band of the day to spark a mosh pit during You Can Be So Cruel and despite playing a short set, could easily have headlined the Met Stage with their performance.


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