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Rise Up – Saliva Review

Rise Up – Saliva Review

saliva-rise-upReleased: July 2014

Nine albums into their 18 year career, and Saliva still sound as self-assured as they did on day one. When lynchpin frontman Josey Scott left in 2011, many feared Saliva would dry up, but in Bobby Amaru the band have found the perfect foil for a new lease of life.

Coming across like a more melodic Nickelback, and probably with less of the stick that goes with it, Saliva’s sound is raucous but clean. There’s a downright dirty demeanour to the anthemic charges of Rise Up and She Can Sure Hide Crazy.

The metalcore influences from the likes of Bullet For My Valentine on their latter albums are still prevalent but not overbearing, and combined with their alt-rock leanings actually strikes a neat balance.

Listening to the angsty cry for help of Lost, it is clear that Saliva can still write songs with all the hallmarks of a radio hit. But as the record progresses, and meaty choruses which will have you singing along in no time come out in their droves (1000 Eyes, Redneck Freakshow), the magic of just how consistent a band Saliva are becomes apparent.

It’s a shame the band aren’t on the UK festival scene this summer, because the quality of songs on Rise Up would no doubt go down a storm at the likes of Reading, Download or Sonisphere. Until then, soak up the album that will leave you drooling at the mouth wanting more. Saliva indeed.


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