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ripper-street-s2-e8‘Our Betrayal Part 2’

The finale sees us bidding farewell to Ripper Street due to poor ratings (caused by ‘I’m a celebrity watch me eat testicles’) but there’s a glimmer of hope this week as it has been rumoured that Lovefilm could be funding a third series. Whatever happens though, this episode turns out to be a great send off and showcases the best things about this series.

Following the discovery of Shine’s murder victims, Reid finds himself really annoyingly close to gaining enough evidence to put Shine away for a long time. He also works out the connection between Shine and the repulsive Duggan, who’s now shacked up with Long Susan and hoping he’s made her afraid enough to become ‘his’ woman.

Reid’s evidence rests solely on Flight, who revealed he was an ally of Shine last week. After confessing to Reid in a dramatic scene, where Reid actually becomes physically aggressive, his confession turns out to be useless when Shine is brought in. Flight has a criminal past and as such his confession is worthless.

The stolen diamond that Jackson and his brother Daniel have acquired turns out to be a useful tool to rid themselves, and Long Susan, of Duggan. Although Susan has been worn down, she still has courage and revenge in her sights. She agrees to their plan not because of Jackson but for the thought of revenge and the closure she will have on Duggan. In his dying moments, in a particularly shocking scene, Susan tells him what pleasure it gave her and how she will gain all that he had worked for. It’s a nice bit of retribution for her character.

Each episode of series two has seen the theme of transformation and how the things we experience through our lives can change the people we become. Reid has used Drake time and time again to make uncooperative criminals talk and now he’s acting like an unfeeling machine that takes a pummelling to his face on a nightly occurrence. After his wife died, Drake became less of a puppet for Reid and in this episode Reid admits he can’t do what Drake does. By the end Reid is stood ringside cheering Drake on to murder Shine – one well-placed punch to the nose could have killed him instantly. In a scene that juxtaposes Roses’ song about love with the violence of the boxing ring, we see just how much each core character has been changed by the events they have been a part of or witnessed.

Predictably lots of questions were left unanswered and will be left un-answered as the BBC have decided to cut it from their schedule. Whether or not it gets another series elsewhere, I tip my black bowler hat to Ripper Street for being a series that will not easily be forgotten.


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