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Resonance Single ‘Reverie’ Out Now

Resonance Single ‘Reverie’ Out Now

Resonance_Reverie_cover_CD_BabyThe press release for ‘Reverie’, the new single from Resonance describes the song as a ‘dreamy samba/calypso number’ and it might just be the most accurate song description I’ve read. There is certainly something dreamlike about the simple melodies of the vocals mixed with the spare guitar chords punctuated with some really skilful, layered guitar work.

It’s a very clean, slick production, written about a stunning sounding plane ride over the Andes mountains and lyrically smart in its descriptions. Once again the press release has it down: ‘From the ‘molten eyes’ (the mountain lakes) to the ‘suspended space between sea and sky’ (the rocky plains), it’s a song that takes you on a visual journey across the peaks.’

Listen to Reverie on SoundCloud here.

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