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revenge s1e3‘Betrayal’

Another episode, another piece of the puzzle revealed and another dish of revenge served cold. Sadly, compared to the last two episodes this one was a little on the lacklustre side up until the last 15 minutes. Note I used the word lacklustre and not boring. I don’t think I’m physically capable of seriously criticising Revenge; it’s quickly become my latest television obsession… I just feel it could have had a little more ‘oomph’ to it!

Betrayal’ sees Emily go on her third mission of retribution, this time setting her aim on someone a little higher up than her last two victims.

The episode starts with Emily’s house being raided when Victoria finds out who she really is. Then she wakes up… Sigh. Isn’t there some unwritten rule that dream scenes are only used in second-rate movies? When Emily wakes from her ‘nightmare’ she hears a noise outside. So, she does what any young and intelligent woman would do – grabs her gun and heads outside. Whilst I can’t say I’d do the same, I have to hand it to Emily, she looks pretty bad-ass holding a gun. What a relief it was to see that the only intruder was Jacks dog Sammy, who a bit like Jack himself, is extremely adorable and has a soft-spot for our Em.

After last weeks episode it’s a sad and sorry scene at the tavern as Daddy Porter passed away. With his father leaving the Stowaway to him and Dec, Jack has his hands full whilst simultaneously trying to console his down-hearted brother. A little mood making music and it’s almost enough to form a tear. Emily takes Sammy back to Jack, who tells her about his father and they have a little moment of bonding as Emily tells him she lost her father too…slightly different circumstances I’d say.

At the Grayson’s home Victoria and Ashley are busy arranging a fundraising event (nothing new there then!). Enter Senator Tom Kingsly, who initially comes across as a decent fellow. First impressions can be hideously misleading.

When Emily visits Daniel we learn that she is already an acquaintance of the Senator, having been a senior volunteer on his first campaign. Of course her volunteering has nothing to do with her having a passionate interest in politics. It’s more to do with Kingsly being the district attorney who convicted her father. What’s wrong with that you may ask, he was only doing his job. Did I forget to mention he had full knowledge that David Clarke was an innocent man and there was evidence to prove it? Yes, Kingsly is everything you’d expect a senator to be. Impeccably dressed, well spoken, respectable. One of those descriptions is untrue. Ten points if you can guess which one. Kingsly wants to serve his country, but not if Emily has anything to do with it. Being the ‘Thorne in everyone’s side’, as Nolan so aptly says, it takes Emily no time at all to set her Senator annihilation in motion. She even enlists the help of her ‘unwanted’ but ever-obliging ally Nolan – goody!

Away from watchful eyes and listening ears Victoria exposes her dislike for Kingsly, finally something her and Emily have in common. In a flashback we see a different side to Victoria as she tells Kingsly of David Clarkes innocence. Perhaps the icy queen isn’t completely bad after all. She loved David and she tried to make it right when he was sentenced, but she was already too tangled up in the web of lies. In an effort to soften his wife, Conrad showers her with kind words, promises of a trip to Paris and a rather average looking, yet presumably expensive necklace. Victoria is having none of it. You don’t get to be Queen of the Hamptons by forgiving those who betray you…you’d be on one big pardoning trip your entire life.

Back at the Stowaway, Nolan witnesses a miserable Dec. As if his good deed quota wasn’t already maxed out he decides to help little Porter get even with the ‘rich jerk’ who bruised his pretty, tiny-featured face. Emily isn’t the only who can dabble in revenge! When Nolan becomes drunk Dec volunteers to take him home and a second somewhat minor bromance is formed. Nolan accesses Charlotte’s boyfriends’ computer webcam and gives little grass-hopper Dec the laptop, thus supplying the opportunity to reveal any embarrassing secrets the creep has. Isn’t Nolan generous? If its not houses, its laptops and vengeance.

Whilst Senator Kingsly and his wife dine with the Grayson’s, he receives a confidential email that he has to take outside. What’s waiting for him is a little preview clip of a video. Of course this video isn’t of him handing out puppies to children. What later follows is the feature film with a racy plot involving a naughty senator and a lingerie-clad lady, who isn’t his wife. Kingsly reveals to Conrad and Frank that he had an affair and adding a cherry on top – he also got the girl pregnant. It’s ok though, because he sent her money ‘to take care of it’. Phew, there I was thinking he had no heart.

Having a little dinner date of their own, Emily and Daniel go to a restaurant for date number two. Crafty Emily chose this particular restaurant not for the food or the atmosphere, but for the waiters – one waiter in particular. Emily watches her plan fall into place as Daniel comes face to face with a man named Patrick who literally looks as if he wants to kill him. Instead of smashing Daniels face, he takes a golf club to his car windscreen. This is the start of the big revealing of Daniels not so golden past. A very honest Daniel tells Emily the tragic story of Patrick’s sister, who he dated. After drink driving Daniel wrapped his car around a utility pole and subsequently the girl was left with a broken spine. The Grayson’s covered it up with money, like they do everything else. Someone should have told them that money can’t erase past events, only bury them, and secrets don’t stay buried forever. A miraculous thing happened in this episode – I actually warmed to Daniel. Turns out a heavily regrettable past and a large dose of sincere honesty can do wonders for a characters likability factor.

Speaking of likability factors, this episode also gave us the opportunity to meet Tyler Barrol – Daniels Harvard roommate who conveniently turns up just before the fundraiser. I can already see the sleaziness disguised as charm seeping from his pores. He immediately attempts to reel Ashley in (gag!), but she gives him a sort of satisfying, yet not nearly convincing enough brush off. Is it too soon to declare that I hate Tyler?

The fundraiser arrives and Victoria, in a bid to prove Emily is the reason Lydia’s husband left her, deliberately seats the two next to each other. This is both obvious and inevitably pointless as Michael turns up with his girlfriend who reveals that Emily was the one who introduced them to each other. That’s Victoria’s idea out the window then. She can’t even seem to get simple conniving right.

Now we get to the good bits! With the fundraiser in full swing, Nolan infiltrates the senator’s tablet and sets a video ready to play when he opens his speech. As planned the senator turns to his tablet only to find messages popping up at him. Cue the appearance of Kingslys secret lady in red, who is looking rather fuller around the torso region. Is that a pregnant stomach I see or did she have a colossal lunch? At the sight of his preggo mistress Kingsly suddenly announces his step down from politics in the quickest 360 turn around ever. That’s a shame; he was doing such a good job. As if destroying Kingslys career isn’t justice enough, Emily releases the sex tape to the press. Truly evil, but fully justifiable.

So how did Emily get the damaging video of Kingsly and his mistress? She only bought the building that the woman lived in and had cameras installed. All this big-brother stuff has me checking my webcam to make sure I’m not being watched – evidently you can’t be too careful.

Frank reveals to a baffled Conrad that the videos sent to Kingsly came from Conrad’s own laptop (well done Nolan on re-routing the IP address). There’s seemingly only one person to point the finger at and that’s Victoria, who never made a secret of her dislike for Kingsly and, after what he did to David, has plenty of motive. Of course we know she didn’t do it, but we can keep a secret.

With his laptop set to record, Dec spies Charlotte’s boyfriend cheating on her. This would have given Dec the perfect opportunity for revenge and if I were him I’d have taken it without a second thought. Instead of sending Charlotte the footage that would have had her crying into her pillow for weeks, he records a very endearing message of his own – something that has her smiling from ear to ear. My former teenage self would have fully empathised.

After Sammy turns up at her house again, Emily takes him back to Jack who she finds on his boat. This end scene is possibly my favourite. Can you guess why? Emily and Jack – chatting under the stars. My heart aches that Emily isn’t sailing off with him into the moonlight. Is revenge really worth it when happily ever after is fluttering at your fingertips? A question I’m left thinking about after the episode has finished. This is a beautiful scene and all but makes up for the lull in the first 30 minutes.

Here’s hoping next week is packed to the brim with the excitement I’ve so quickly developed a love for.


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