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Indie developers Puuba, along with independent publishers Mastertronic have finally announced the launch of their retro gaming mash up Concursion, which is available now on Steam for Windows PC and Mac.

Concursion tells the story of a hero who must traverse five unique worlds on a quest to rescue his princess from the clutches of Darklord Biganbad. The Darklord’s evil schemes have also left the universe in chaos with rifts being torn between realities. Along your journey, you the hero must discover the truth behind these tears and how to stop them before the universe tears itself apart.
Concursion2Puuba has blended five classic genres into one seamless 2D action adventure game, where players can hack-n-slash, double-jump, shot, race, and blast their way through each of the levels experiencing a fusion of classic old-school gaming.

“A crash course on games from years gone by, ramped up for a modern feel, Concursion challenges the player not only to survive, but not to grin like an idiot,” Danny Garfield, Founder of Puuba says. “Concursion is unique. Weird even. And sometimes a little hard to explain. But, the moment you get a controller in your hand, it immediately comes together.”

“Concursion is a game that makes your brain and mouth shout, loudly”, adds Stuart Morton, Producer at Mastertronic. “The amazing mix of genres that it crams into its levels is a sight to behold and as many people as possible should be allowed to experience its wonders”

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