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Resurrection Season 1, Episode 3 Review

Resurrection Season 1, Episode 3 Review

‘Two Rivers’

Ever since Jacob Langston came back into his parents’ lives, nothing has been the same for the small-town couple. This week their lives continue to spiral as Jacob’s resurrection and the questions it raises starts to come between them.

At the end of last week’s episode, Marty and Maggie had the deceased Jacob’s body exhumed to see if his DNA matched the present day Jacob. As it turns out, not only is there a body fitting Jacob’s in his coffin, but it’s also a carbon copy down to the exact label on his baseball jersey. It’s as if someone has created a clone of Jacob with everything from his memories to his epilepsy intact.
resurrection-two-rivers-01As Lucille and Henry Langston accept this new but seemingly identical Jacob back into their home, they argue over Henry’s inability to acknowledge Jacob as their son. Lucille has a very maternal response, seeing him as the same child she lost all those years ago and the second chance she was never granted. Henry struggles to see it the same way because if he does, it’s as if he’s letting go of the child that died thirty-two years ago. He simply can’t fathom that the two Jacobs are the same, and his health starts to suffer as a result.

Also struggling to come to terms with Jacob’s reappearance are the citizens of Arcadia, in particular the churchgoers, who look upon Jacob as an abomination. They go behind Pastor Tom’s back and decide that Lucille and Jacob shouldn’t be allowed in the church until they’ve worked out what’s happening in their town.

The theme of religion and faith plays an important part in Resurrection, with the citizens’ fear of the unknown overshadowing the forgiveness and acceptance that the church has taught them. Tom’s battle with his own faith is nothing compared to the battle that’s brewing on the Langston’s doorstep. At this stage, the idea of pitchforks and fire still feels like it could become a reality if the residents don’t get the answers they’re looking for.
resurrection-two-rivers-02Elsewhere, Caleb Richards’ motives for being so secretive are slowly creeping out into the open. After talking to Ray, who believes that his resurrected father is actually an alien, Marty deduces that Caleb dying on the day of the town’s bank robbery wasn’t a coincidence. This ties in nicely with Caleb previously digging in the woods, presumably looking for his stolen money and not finding any, only to go after the man who might have been his accomplice.

Bad things are certainly brewing in Arcadia, and as Maggie forms a potentially vital link between Jacob and Caleb involving the river – where Jacob died and Caleb’s ashes were scattered – the future’s not looking bright for the resurrected. With Pastor Tom receiving another surprise visitor at the end of the episode, things are definitely going to get weirder before they get clearer.


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