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Restless Years – Leo Sayer Review

Restless Years – Leo Sayer Review

Released: August 2015

You’d be completely forgiven for wondering whether Leo Sayer’s days as a songwriter were over. It’s been six years since his last studio album, and even longer since he enjoyed his place amongst the elite songwriters in the business throughout the 1980s and 90s.

However, a new album released this week shows that Leo Sayer hasn’t missed a step. Moving now into the autumn of his storied career, Sayer has produced a thirteen song collection that finds him on fun but contemplative form.

Before even hearing the songs, the track titles give a strong indication of the album’s tone. ‘Competing With A DJ’, ‘How Did We Get So Old’, ‘Restless Years’ and ‘Sometimes Things Go Wrong’ all suggest a man who is looking back at the changing of the times. However, this isn’t a sorrowful moratorium on how life used to be better. Instead it’s upbeat, hopeful, a songwriter enjoying the fact that he has so much to look back on.

It makes for a truly enjoyable album of true pop music with an acoustic/country tinge and a dash of blues rock. Pop music fans would be missing a trick if they neglected this gem of an LP from a songwriter who has definitely still got it.

Restless Years is out now through Right Track Records/Universal.

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