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Repentance – Jordan Klassen

Repentance – Jordan Klassen

RepentanceJordanKlassenReleased: 2013

Repentance is the full length debut album from Jordan Klassen, a whimsical alternative folkanista from Canada. The album was announced after a move to Nevado Records and is due for release this autumn. Klassen utilizes his voice on this album with random vocal noises appearing as backing in tracks like Piano Brothers and Repentance. Sounding like a mixture of Stornoway, Surfjan Stevens and Ben Howard, this album could make it big in the current musical climate (especially if we keep the sunshine!).

The album opens with Sweet Chariot, a combination of xylophone, acoustic guitar and lots of oo-ing – what’s not to like? It’s also the perfect alarm song in the morning, having tried this out for a week I figured it has to be this song that makes me so perky and awake.

Go To Me is the first single to be released from the album and it’s a very simplistic yet affective song. Minimal guitar strums and a few taps of a tambourine, added with echoing harmonised vocals and the catchy repetitive lyrics, grip onto your mind and you’ll be singing this song for days.

A number of mellow songs make up the album such as May is Blood Month with its brass section (I know what you’re thinking but a brass section can be mellow too!) and Strengthen Me With Raisins, a Beth Orton-esque ballad of losing love.

To cut to the chase, this album is perfect for hot sunny days on the beach or just moping around in a valley of self-pity. It’s a very cathartic album and if you like Iron & Wine, and other whimsical folk bands, then there’s a high chance you’ll love this album – so get your hands on it this September!


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