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TLL-Queens-WillReleased: 2013

Described in their press release as making the music of legends is a bold statement, and when the same press release also equates the band to Eric Clapton it becomes clear that the Local Legends are not modest in their delivery of old school rock ‘n’ roll.

The band comes across like a young Oasis both vocally and in terms of guitar sound. Add a few blistering guitar solos and some more melodic, thought-provoking moments and what you get is the recipe for a very, very good band.

The opening track Almost Outside is probably a little weak as an album opener, but as the opening chords of Hey Jack ring out, you know these guys mean business. It’s all very pure and honest, no unnecessary production flourishes or even a particularly good ‘sound’ per se but it works a treat.

Vocalist/guitarist Ben sounds a little too convincingly like Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder at times but, much like the great Pearl Jam frontman, his penchant for honest songwriting is at the fore. Bassist Luke is also a bit of a discovery, and some of his bass licks during Lonely God will have John Entwistle (The Who) devotees taking notice.

The highlights of the album are probably the ballsy Rock’in Life and courtesy of Johny Darko features the finest guitar solo Guns N’ Roses never wrote, and the riff-strutting Story Teller on a par with Airbourne’s best.

Fans of AC/DC, The Answer or just about any classic rock band should find much to sink their teeth into here. It’s a refreshingly vibrant album for a group still in the opening salvo of their career, and there is some real promise here for some great music in the future. As a live performance The Local Legends could live up to their name and it’s a prospect well worth investigating.


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