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spotify-logoThis week Queens Of The Stone Age have got their first number 1 record in the USA, after withholding the release from Spotify.

Queens Of The Stone Age officially released new album ‘…Like Clockwork’  in the USA on June 4th, but gave early playing rights to iTunes and not to Spotify. Daft Punk and Vampire Weekend have already denied Spotify and on each occasion have ended up with a US number one album. 

Since Spotify surfaced on the internet it has changed the way we access music; by providing an easily accessible online music database with a small subscription fee, which is completely different to iTunes, who charge you per album. Maybe the science behind it is that by denying the public who can listen to the album unlimitedly on Spotify, creates more need for their product and then sells beyond their estimates. Maybe in the future more bands will deny Spotify! (I hope they don’t though as I could not live without it!).

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