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‘The Wrath of Kahn’

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars reminded me why Hanna is my favourite Liar. Having endured torture similar to what the girls experienced in the doll house, Hanna is the one Liar with the most reason to find out who AD is. Last week we saw her new lair, and this week we open with Hanna making a home video, in which she states: “If you are watching this video before I have finished what I need to do, then something went horribly wrong. Show this to the police”.

Hanna’s definitely a woman on a mission this week, starting by stalking Noel Kahn. She follows him and watches as he dumps a trash bag into a dumpster. Not afraid of getting her pretty little hands dirty, Hanna has a rummage, and in the bag she finds Sarah Harvey’s damaged phone. She sets her plan in motion by texting Noel: “I know that you killed Sarah”, and a time and place of where to meet to retrieve the phone. Once there she confronts Noel and spins him a story that she needs him to be her alibi. Why is she being so pally? Because she needs him to drink the pint which she’s tipped drugs into, presumably to knock him out. When her plan turns sour and Noel figures out her game, he warns her to be careful or she’ll end up just like Sarah.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-9-3Meanwhile, the girls believe Hanna is in New York working with Lucas, but are suspicious that she isn’t returning any calls or messages. Aria is on the hunt for Mary Drake’s second child, and she’s off to the courthouse to get some information. However, before she can head off, Jason calls round to ask if she knows anything about the fire at his Aunt Carol’s. When Aria sees Jason’s upset and concern for Alison’s safety, she can’t keep the secret from him, but she doesn’t exactly tell him the whole truth – she keeps AD under wraps. She does tell him her plans for seeking out Mary’s second child though, and he tells her she won’t get any answers because she isn’t a relative, but he offers his services anyway.

Throughout their day together, we see Jason and Aria in a different light. You can tell this little secret of theirs is a bit bigger than we first thought. Jason clearly loves Aria and you can see how much he still cares for her. We see a couple of flashbacks of their time together – how Jason didn’t want her to take her editorial job because it was with Ezra’s publishers, and how he wanted Aria to join him working abroad. It appears to me that they maybe lived together, but it could have just been a sleepover. When Aria is mistaken as his fiancé, Jason plays along, saying how special she is.

Talking of ex-lovers, Emily and Paige continue to reconnect in this episode. Emily worries about her past affecting her application for the swim team coach, but Paige encourages her and says that Hackett knows her history. After Paige tells Emily to leave it in the past, she very easily opens up and tells her “it’s happening again”.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-9-5Marco calls to see Spencer after speaking with Alison, and he tells her that Archer Dunhill was last seen in France. As it’s now out of his jurisdiction, the case is being passed on to other authorities. He asks Spencer if he can take her out, but she says it’s too soon after Caleb, and tells him it was too soon when they previously hooked up too. He leaves her his number, for when she’s ready. Swoon. He really could be a keeper for Spencer, if only she wasn’t a hidden criminal, even though most of the crimes were done in self-defence.

I’m a little unsure why this episode was titled the ‘Wrath of Kahn’, because there wasn’t much wrath from him, more from Hanna. I always find the PLL episode names to be clever and relative, but this week it was a major disappointment.

One of the main things we learn this week, however, is that Noel Kahn is definitely Team A. Always has been, apparently always will be. Spencer and Emily find out Noel’s current address (it’s handy having a senator for a parent) and it turns out he’s living at his parent’s cabin, which is in the same area that Hanna was held captive. You can see the girls feel a little guilty for not listening to their friend, so they go to the cabin to have a snoop.

Whilst there, Emily finds a locked box which has the stamp from Noel’s brother’s parties; she recognises it because Maya also had the stamp on her hand. Inside the box is a USB stick, and once uploaded to the computer, the girls and Mona each have a file. Spencer opens hers and there’s a long list of videos, one of which implicates Noel, providing the girls with the ammunition they need. pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-9-1Now the girls are ready to go to the police, but they need Hanna. After chasing her down, they contact Lucas, who tells them she isn’t with him, and Caleb, who says that Hanna said she would be off the radar for a couple of days. The girls know Hanna is trying to catch Kahn herself, but is it too late?

Of course now is a perfect time for a power cut. Good old Rosewood. Aria goes to see if Jason has heard from the court, but whilst there she hears from Ezra – Nicole wasn’t one of the hostages and he will be coming home. I hope he lets Aria know how sorry he is for leaving her hanging in the balance. She admits to Jason that she feels like his consolation prize, and Jason obviously comforts her, saying they were meant to be, but does he mean it?

Also searching for comfort is Spencer, who calls Marco to confide in him about the USB, but by the time he arrives someone has already scared her half to death, and a tree is literally through her kitchen window. Marco arrives to find Spencer holding a knife, and although he can’t find anyone in the house, Spencer knows who it was when she realises the USB is gone. Marco is nice enough to stick around for company though, so maybe Spencer is ready to move on and just hasn’t realised it yet.

Well, we leave this week’s episode feeling like Hanna is the only one in control, even after her shambles of an ambush attempt with Noel, who arrives at his cabin to find Hanna’s cap on the floor. As he bends down to pick it up, Hanna whacks him across the back of the head with a metal bar and says, “It’s over bitch!” I’m so excited to watch the mid-season finale next week, although I’m kind of scared for Hanna’s safety. Marlene King has promised a fatal ending, let’s just hope it’s not Hanna after how far she’s come.

The next episode of PLL will be on Netflix on 31 August. 

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