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‘Exes and OMGs’

Talk about a shocking opening scene. It’s late at night and the Liars and Caleb are walking down the road, talking about Noel Khan. Hanna is practically begging them all to realise that Noel is AD. When they’re not listening, she storms off and Caleb follows her, trying to calm her down. Just as Hanna walks off, a car comes speeding in her direction and Caleb pushes her out of the way, getting hit in the process. My heart was literally in my mouth. Good job it was all a dream. I usually hate dream sequences, but in this case, I was overjoyed it wasn’t a reality.

Last week Hanna was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, and this week clarifies just that. She’s anxious and desperate, being haunted by the memory of her time with AD, and not only that, she has the pain from the scars to prove it. However, she can’t be too far off the mark – when she’s sat doing designs she gets a knock at the door. She opens it, only to be greeted by Mrs Grunwald, Ali’s mysterious seer from Ravenswood.pretty-little-liars-season-6-episode-8-still-03Grunwald tells Hanna that she and Caleb are in danger. They continue their discussion in the lobby at Radley, where Grunwald tells a tale of how the pain and cries of anguish of the many people who died at Radley are coming out the walls. She asks Hanna if she knows who is trying to hurt her, and when Hanna admits she thinks she does, Grunwald tells her that person is in Radley, and is very close. It makes sense that Noel Khan is lurking in the background. Hanna smashes her glass on the floor to get his attention, and when he approaches them, he asks Hanna if she’s been on “any drives down country lanes this week”. Grunwald glares at Noel, flashbacks of Hanna in the torture hut are shown and just as she breaks her connection with him, her nose begins to bleed. Was it Hanna or Grunwald seeing the flashbacks though?

Grunwald wasn’t the only old face to reappear this episode. When Emily goes to Rosewood High School to apply for the swim team coaching position, Principle Hackett greets her and says he’s just finished with another candidate, an old classmate of hers. Enter Paige. I’m so excited she’s back, and you can see that the spark between her and Emily is still very much alive, which would explain why Paige looks so disheartened when she sees Emily having drinks with new beau, Sabrina.pretty-little-liars-season-6-episode-8-still-02Meanwhile, Alison goes back to work and her students taunt her, sitting in her class in black hoodies. We see Ali being sick in the toilets, which makes me think that she’s just as troubled by her past as the other liars. When she speaks with Hackett in his office, she gets the idea to steal Noel’s student file from the records cabinet. Later that night when she goes to retrieve the file, AD has already beat her to it. A piece of paper reads: “What did I tell you bitches? Do you really want to die?”

When Hanna calls the girls together to explain about her Noel theory and what happened with Grunwald, they’re still not convinced. Spencer and Aria then reveal to the other liars what they have been up to.

They tracked down Dr Cochlan and met his daughter, who warned them to stay away from her dad. When Aria and Spencer arrive to visit the doctor, he’s a shadow of a man – you wouldn’t have guessed him to have previously been a doctor, but then again, his daughter did say he had his licence revoked. Dr Cochlan explained that he was Radley’s on call gynaecologist, and it was his job to make any problems at Radley disappear. When asked about Mary Drake, he reveals that he delivered Charles/Charlotte and gave him to Jessica (this by the way is ruining my Mary is Jessica theory). However, Mary wanted the next baby to go to someone else. So Dr Cochlan arranged for the baby to be taken into child services. However, he couldn’t remember if it was a boy or a girl. Later, when Spencer is having a little look through her own family history, upon looking at baby photos she gets that curious look she always gets when she’s onto something. Could she be Mary’s second baby?pretty-little-liars-season-6-episode-8-still-01During the next liars meeting there’s a lot to tell – Ali with her AD note, and Spencer and Aria with their baby number two story. It looks like AD’s note might have just tipped Hanna over the edge too, especially when she makes a phone call to an unknown person telling them “forget my name, my location, my number, everything”, after advising she wants the keys. Keys for what?

Hanna tells Caleb she’s off to New York for a few days and doesn’t yet know where she’s staying. When they have a lingering hug goodbye, they almost, just for a second, are about to kiss, but Hanna pulls away. The only reason she’s done that is because she’s up to something and won’t involve Caleb; we know what those two are like, always protecting each other.

We end the episode with the famous duct tape, newspapers and an empty room. Only it’s not actually empty, and this time it’s Hanna covering the windows. She’s got herself her own little lair!

The next episode of PLL will be on Netflix on 24 August. 

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