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‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’

Okay, so let’s just take a minute to breathe after watching this episode. I literally don’t think I can take any more surprises. Does anyone else feel for Hanna? I mean, she was kidnapped by A.D and tortured, then she killed a man, and now she’s being tormented by A.D for it. I know the other Liars have her back, and are treating it as if they all killed him, but really, it was Hanna and I’m sensing a nervous breakdown.

THANK GOD Spaleb have called it a day and Caleb can save Hanna. On his return, Caleb says to Ezra “Do you ever feel like there is something they’re not telling us?” He’s on to a winner there, but has Ezra been filled in??

After avoiding Ezra for the majority of the episode, Aria finally confronts him by saying that once she tells him, she “can’t un tell him”. But is she talking about Elliot or Nicole? Or Both? Unfortunately, we weren’t shown, but I suppose it saved air time, as we already know both stories. However, it did lead to another tear jerking proposal from her man, and this time, she said YES! It’s always nice to have a little light in the shady town that is Rosewood.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-6-4The Liars set about their daily routines of watching their suspects: Emily got Jenna, Hanna got the burner phone, and Spencer got Mary Drake. Obviously Aria had other things going on. So Hanna’s business call with Lucas is interrupted by Aria, a friend in need and all that. But before Hanna can even get her stuff together and leave, she’s interrupted again.

Elliot’s burner phone starts ringing, only this time, the call is for her, not Elliot. The SUSPICIOUSLY familiar British (MALE) accent says, “The next time you bury a man make sure he’s dead!” Way to haunt an already petrified fashionista! However, what’s important here is, we know that voice!

Before Aria can ask for advice, she tries to convince Hanna that Elliot is dead. They buried him, they should know, but enough is enough for Hanna and she’s out the door. She heads to the police station but when Aria gets to her, she hasn’t confessed. Instead, whilst advising her conflicted friend, she finally admits that she and Jordan are no longer engaged – but that doesn’t mean Aria shouldn’t get a happy ending.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-6-1Breaking News: Mysterious Mary has managed to convince Spencer she’s telling the truth, after Spencer found her at The Lost Woods. But when Mary returns home, Alison wants answers. Ali has found a ballerina necklace belonging to her mom, in Mary’s belongings. Of course Mary has a story to go with it, but I couldn’t help but notice Ali didn’t look convinced. Ali bombshells that Charlotte went by the name CeCe Drake – and that the pair must have known each other, but Mary gave a dramatic performance of how Jessica ruined everything and took her baby away before she could hold him. I’m not buying it! (Can someone please add this to the list of reasons why Mary is Jessica theory: she has MPD, thanks)

Once she’d confessed to Aria, it was time for Hanna to come clean to Spencer about Jordan. After hearing her out, Spencer thinks its best Hanna tells Caleb about it. They’re sat on the swings sharing a beer when ring ring – it’s the burner phone. They answer on loud speaker and that ever so familiar British voice says: “First you turn her in, then you leave her all alone, stupid bitches”. Ok, so is it just me? Am I wrong in wanting to say HI WREN?! I know Spencer has a history with men but you wouldn’t forget that accent.

Ali invites her watch guard policeman into the house after a warning from the girls, but we already know he’s dodgy, as we’ve seen him watching Aria and Hanna at the Police Station. So the man in a mask attacks Ali, but the police sirens scare him away – not before Ali is able to pull half the mask off his face though.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-6-3Meanwhile, Emily makes some new discoveries in this episode and I knew Sarah and Jenna were up to something. So it turns out Jenna was the one who got Elliot (Archer) his fake identity. Well not her, she knew someone. Quick guess at who that was – Noel Khan (who was missing all episode). It also turns out that Jenna and Charlotte were friends, and Jenna knew all along that Charlotte and Elliot were an item, and now she’s heartbroken that Charlotte is dead. (Yeah okay – like it wasn’t all part of a plan).

Sarah hints that the Liars should be afraid of whoever is threatening them, and begs Emily to stay away. Twice during their conversation she tries to tell Emily who it is she’s warning her about, but Jenna becomes angry and demands Sarah keep quiet. Why is Sarah still trying to protect Emily?

Needless to say, it came as quite a shock when Sarah was found dead (murdered?) in her hotel suite, after we see her trying to pack and get away before opening the door to someone who she was really surprised to see. Bets on Jenna Marshall – because that bitch can SEE!

Thank god for Detective Fury though, finally a sergeant who seems to know what he’s talking about! It’s a good job too, with another murder in town. His theory that Rollins’ credit card spending being a set up, and the car in Baltimore being a chase, isn’t far off – and he could even be on to Spencer too. Remember their hook up when she paid with that credit card? Fury asks her if there could be anything Ali is holding back, and when Spencer says no and goes to walk away, his look isn’t one of lust – its suspicion. The Liars better watch their backs.

The next episode of PLL will be on Netflix on 10 August. 

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