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‘Along Comes Mary’

We waited in anticipation to see which Liar would receive a proposal, and of course we waited till the end of the episode to see it, but let’s face it – Ezra nailed “the speech”. Telling Aria that when she walked back through his door he felt like he was on the last stretch of track on a rollercoaster ride and that he could breathe again, he went on to tell her how he couldn’t let her not be in his life again.

PLL likes to end with bombshells, which is of course why we are now waiting 2 whole weeks to see Aria’s response – but her shocked expression leaves us wondering what her answer will be. Of course I think Yes!! BUT there is always the fact that earlier on in the episode, Aria answers a call on Ezra’s phone from NICOLE! After deciding it was best to delete the call from Ezra’s history, Aria can’t help but wonder, was it really Nicole? My guess is it will be; we know the writers love a back from the dead plot.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-1I couldn’t help but feel as though there was quite a time gap from the last episode, with Alison already being released from the hospital. The start of ‘Along Comes Mary’ is literally that. Aria greets Alison at her home, only to find that the terms of Ali’s release means staying with a guardian who is a family member, and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR – out walks Mary Drake bold as brass! Ali says this way she can find out what MD knows and keep an eye on her.

Throughout the episode we hear Mary play the victim card, claiming Elliot double-crossed her. For an estranged Aunt, she seems overly concerned about Alison, and not in the sincerest way. We see her rip Elliot’s face off a picture of Elliot & Ali, she’s heard humming a song Ali claims her mum would sing to her as a child, and we learn Mary has made mistakes with men “at one time or other in her life”. Is it just me or are little bells ringing for everyone here? There is something about mysterious Mary that makes me wonder how fake her zombie “mask” really was. I’m calling it now – Mary Drake IS Jessica DiLaurentis.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-3One thing that was nice in this episode, was seeing Emily enjoying some good female company, considering the last lady we saw her with was Sarah Harvey – and look how that turned out. I’m rooting for this new relationship, but can Sabrina handle the package that comes with Emily if she were to find out? I do have high hopes – but they’re not too high having read that Paige comes back in episode 8 and I loved Emily with Paige.

A.D takes Emily’s test for her at Hollis – passing the test with high marks. Emily thought she missed the exam but was emailed, “You can thank me later – ungrateful bitch. A.D” So this little email leads Emily to get Aria and go to visit an address found on Elliot’s burner phone. There they find an escape plan of passports, money and a ledger book with payments Elliott had made. Aria also finds a book belonging to him – with a name written inside. Obviously we know now that Elliot wasn’t really Elliott Rollins – but his book names him Archer Dunhill! Very familiar initials.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-4Poor Hanna is trying to keep under the radar, but when she spots Jenna is still in town, she does her own investigating. Jenna has extended her visit at the Radley and whilst there has become new BFF’s with Sarah Harvey and brought back good old NOEL KHAN!!! All in one episode – and we are still no closer to knowing her end game. Jenna does make an appearance at Alison’s though, but she’s scared off when she’s greeted by Ali and not Elliot. When Ali shouts at her saying, “The next time you see Archer tell him I said go to hell” Jenna’s response shuts Ali up: “What if he’s already there?” So not only does Jenna now know the girls are onto her, but it’s now clear Jenna is on to them.

Elsewhere, Spencer looks for an AWOL Caleb, and when she goes to the police station for Toby’s help, she bumps into the new police officer, Detective Fury. Oh wait – haven’t we met him before? Yes of course we did – he was the random guy Spencer almost slept with on the night of Rollins death. You know the guy she was with – when, whilst drunk, she paid for drinks on her card. Who’s betting it was Rollins card she paid on? Fury also tells Alison he will not stop until he finds Rollins, and that Rollins was last spotted in Baltimore…

SOS. Spencer points out that the tracks they left for Rollins ended in Philadelphia, and Hanna cries, “Someone knows what I did!” But Who?

The next episode of PLL will be on Netflix on 3 August. 

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