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Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 10 Recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 10 Recap

‘The DArkest Knight’

Well, what a whirlwind the mid-season finale was! It was a real rollercoaster of emotions and I’m devastated to have to wait until April 2017 to see what happens next.

Marlene King promised an amazing episode and she definitely delivered: Reunions, romance, jealousy, comebacks, a death and a pregnancy. That’s right, Ali is expecting. She tells Emily her news, and I can’t quite make out if she’s happy or not, considering the baby is Archer’s. She also announces the news just at a time where Paige and Emily are becoming close again, so I guess it’s the perfect time for Alison to need Emily more than ever before. Not only does she confide in Emily, she also kisses her; Emily tells her she’s vulnerable but Ali says, “that’s not why”. Like Paige says, Alison is happy when she’s pulling Emily’s strings like a puppet, so I’m a little unsure how this may play out.

The major thing this week is Hanna abducting Noel. The girls believe Hanna is the one who was abducted by Noel and inform the police of everything, forcing Hanna to turn to Mona for help. Once again Mona saves Hanna’s skin, but when Mona’s done with Noel and the girls go back to confront him, he’s gone. I’m hoping they’ve not put her back on team A.

The famous sound of an incoming message rings through the air and AD texts them with a time and address in order for a trade – the USB (with evidence Noel was in the doll house) in return for Hanna’s confession cam (where she confesses to kidnap). The girls agree to go and they sneak out of the house, leaving behind a recording of them talking to trick the police into thinking they’re safe inside.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-10-2At the meeting point, they retrieve the camera, but when they attempt to leave Noel shows up. Hanna and Emily try to escape by knocking over a row of shelves onto him. He’s carrying an axe, telling them “did you really think we would let you leave? You know too much”. Who is we? I’ve nicknamed them ‘Joel’ – seeing as Jenna is always his accomplice, or he’s hers. She rocks up with a GUN looking for Alison, saying “tonight you get to be me”, before turning off the lights. Meanwhile, Hanna and Emily push Noel and he falls over, dropping the axe. Only, he falls onto the axe, and his head is chopped clean off.

Having run from Noel’s headless body, the girls are cornered by Jenna – who’s unaware of her partner in crime’s untimely death. As the Liars try to make a run for it, a gunshot goes off. The girls make it to the door to escape, but wait, where is Spencer?

Spencer is shot in the chest, leading me to think that the next episode could be life threatening for her. Mary Drake appears out of thin air and cradles Spencer in her arms, telling Spencer she would never hurt her, because she’s her daughter! Spencer’s eyes close, but I have a feeling this won’t be the end of the road for her.pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-10-3In between all the drama, Caleb confesses his love for Hanna; he tells her whilst pointing out her flaws that she can’t admit they’re meant to spend the rest of their lives together. FINALLY! I’m excited to see Haleb on the road to happy ever after – does this mean they’ll be the couple getting married in 7B? I now believe Aria and Ezra getting engaged was merely a distraction, because this week Nicole’s found, and when the TV crew air her reunion with Ezra on TV, Aria watches her fiancé kiss another woman.

Earlier in the episode, before the gunshot drama, Marco surprises Spencer with takeout, telling her he got tips from Toby. Spencer then goes to see Toby to say a final goodbye. She asks if she can give him one last kiss – but it won’t be the last because… hello fireworks. I love the original couples; they really make the show.

The episode ends with a shot of the ‘Leaving Rosewood’ sign and an ambulance, which is there to attend the scene of a truck crash: Toby’s truck. Toby and Yvonne are both unconscious and covered in blood, which doesn’t bode well for the second half of season 7. The very last thing we see in the episode is Jenna lying in the back of a truck. A mask is thrown down next to her and she shouts “Did you shoot Spencer?” As she feels the mask, she follows with, “You’re AD”. My guess is still the same: it’s Charlotte.

Pretty Little Liars will be back on Netflix in April 2017 for the final 10 episodes of the show. You can view the trailer for the season premiere on the PLL Facebook page. See you next year!

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