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What is Noel Khan back for and why is he with Jenna?pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-2So last week’s episode ended with Noel Khan’s return, and this has to be the weirdest threesome I’ve seen in a long while. We know Noel has a history with Jenna, but let’s be honest no one could quite work that one out – especially when we found out he was working with Ali and CeCe. I can’t quite decide where to place him on the A timeline – he was partnered with Jenna, he was helping CeCe leave the country with Ali’s help, he had phone calls recorded with Ali and knew she was alive long before the liars did. Has Noel always been team Jenna? Or is he team Ali and being roped in to keep his eye on Jenna? I can’t quite decide but all of these links do make me question whether or not Charlotte and Ali created this whole game together. Is A for Ali? Is A.D Archer Dunhill? Or is it Alison DiLaurentis? And so the suspect list continues to grow.

What is the deal with Mary Drake?pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-2In ‘Along Comes Mary’, Alison said she “believes her – maybe, trusts her – no”. I don’t believe her, nor do I trust her! She says she was deceived by Elliot, that he double crossed her. She states Elliot told her that Charlotte wanted her to have all of her money – which Mary thought was justice, and that when things got “murderey” she pulled out of the plans. So why was she seen in episode 4 telling Alison she’s charge now? Obviously she is Jessica’s twin, or so she says – there were real documents at Radley with her name on them, but I can’t help but think there is more to it. Too many things make me think that Mary IS Jessica – the way she tore Elliot’s face on the photograph – the way she hummed the lullaby Alison was sung by her mother – the way she is with the liars – talking to them like she’s known them forever. I don’t quite know the answer – but I do believe Jessica will be on the list of people who were never really buried alive.

What will Aria’s answer be? pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-3I want to scream YES – but the look on her face just makes me think this is going to go the other way. I mean, Aria is only in her early twenties, they’ve only just worked things out, and Ezra has only just got over the disappearance/death of his ex-girlfriend Nicole. So who could blame her for saying no? Oh and there is also the fact that Nicole rang Ezra… On the cons list, there is also the fact she killed — and is an accessory to murder.

Who is faking Elliot’s tracks?pretty-little-liars-season-7-episode-5-4So we know the tracks the girls laid for Elliot – we know they were supposed to stop in Philadelphia – but Detective Fury told Ali that Rollins was last spotted in Baltimore. So who is moving him around? Could Mona be helping the girls out more by keeping the trail moving to cover for Hanna? We all know how much Mona has been trying to make things up to Hanna. We also know it can’t be Jenna because she was still looking for Rollins in Rosewood. Unless – wait – you don’t think – another person might be on the list of never really being buried?! But in that case – would that also tie Mona to Elliot? She was the one who recovered and fixed Hanna’s car, or did she help him out of the grave too?

Where is Caleb and when is he coming back?Screen-Shot-2016-07-29-at-11.54So episode 4 saw Caleb pour his heart out to Spencer (and Hannah unknowingly) and now he’s gone AWOL, with Toby saying he needs his space. But where has he gone? Hopefully he’s not headed back to Ravenswood because last time he came back all weird. So Spencer was frantically searching for Caleb, and doesn’t know who else to turn to for help so she asked Hanna. She then tells Hanna to decide why she is marrying one man when she may still have feelings for another! So what I want to know is, when is Caleb coming back? The sooner he does the sooner we can erase Spaleb from our memories and live back in our bubble of Haleb. Usually when Caleb goes missing we never really find out where he has been or who he has been with – so maybe Hanna can save him again. Here’s hoping!

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