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Portobello Film Festival 2012 Q&A

Portobello Film Festival 2012 Q&A

portobello2fire questions with the creators of the Portobello Film Festival.

Sum up Portobello Film Festival in a sentence.

It’s a free entry showcase for frontline independent movies

For readers who aren’t familiar with the festival what sort of films can they expect to see this year?

250 brand new London films, mostly shorts but some features at Pop Up Cinema/250 brand new international films at Westbouerne Studios/lots of street art and a party atmosphere

The festival has been described as ‘London’s biggest filmic free-for-all’ (Time Out) – why do you think it’s important to keep entry and attendance free?

Because it ensures our independence from the corporate monster that has done UK and international films few favours. 

Apart from accessibility what makes the festival different from all the others?

Both cinemas have the Westway motorway as a roof, and it’s based in UK counterculture capital Portobello Road. 

Can anyone enter a film or are there restrictions?

Anyone can enter a film.

Well, there you have it. It’s free to enter, free to attend, and it promises to have a Portobello, London party atmosphere. It runs from the 30th Aug – 16 September. Go and enjoy!

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