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From decision making to fainting, this episode had a lot to offer.

We were met with the beautiful Cornish scenery, viewing Ross at the mine with a black eye that was evidently from Demelza. Discussing the bleak future of the mine, all seems to be falling apart for the once noble Ross. Captain Henshawe lightened the mood by asking Ross how he got his black eye, with Ross replying “My wife took exception to something I said”, which resulted in a few laughs.

Having knocked Ross to the ground last week, Demelza was still refusing to look at her husband, believing he’d soon return to Trenwith to reunite with Elizabeth. Ross still appeared to be unsure about his feelings, only feeling sorry for himself when he had to sleep in his library. Mr Poldark has brought this upon himself though.

Ross had yet another encounter with George Warleggan, who was eager to break the ice. “Perhaps you’ve not heard, Elizabeth and I are engaged”, he said, obviously trying to throw a spanner into the works. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was eagerly awaiting the return of her first love and a feeling crept across that Aunt Agatha clearly prefers Ross to George – holding Elizabeth’s hopes perhaps too high.

The game continued as Demelza attended Hugh Bodrugan’s ball. George, in today’s terms, tried to set Tankard up with Demelza in order to cause a stir. To everyone’s dismay though, Demelza shared a kiss with none other than Captain McNeil, formerly known as Malcolm. Bitterly inviting him to her room, she soon regretted her decision and bolded asked him to leave. Despite resisting at first, he did eventually go.

Amusingly, Tankard and Hugh decided to show their faces outside Demelza’s room. Arguing that they were both invited, they decided to do a gentleman’s draw and toss a coin – how gentile! To their disappointment, Demelza had already clambered out the window. She does that so well.poldark-series-2-episode-9-2Acting like the fragile creature she was trained to be, Elizabeth fainted when Ross failed to show his face and Doctor Dwight was summoned. Verity also paid a visit, sadly mentioning her brother and foolishly believing that was the reason for Elizabeth’s sudden ‘illness’. Verity told Elizabeth that Frances would want her to be happy, even if it was with George Warleggan. Would he really?

Yet, viewers understand the truth: Elizabeth is obviously pining over Ross. All this time she’s still been hoping for him to come back to her.

Returning from Truro, Ross spotted Demelza paddling along the shore, trying to win her back with words such as “Demelza, I cannot blame you for your anger”, but her tear stained face showed no remorse. We just wish they would reconcile.

To everyone’s surprise, the Warleggan wedding went ahead, with George sporting a frisky grin for the duration. Lord and Lady Warleggan sounds like a frightening statement indeed!

Leave it to Aunt Agatha who managed to shoot George one more death stare as the episode drew to a close, evidently annoyed with the decisions Elizabeth has made. In the past she’s referred to him as the devil, highlighting her distaste towards the man, and that’s unlikely to change simply because they’re now family.

Hoping bonds will be mended, we will endure the conclusion in episode ten, this coming Sunday.

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