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From a tragedy down the mines, to Ross making a very bad move indeed.

Ross, again, stood trial at the beginning of this week’s episode, however, joining him was the wondrous Dwight Enys. Both men gladly got away, servant Jud creating an alibi for Captain Poldark, whilst Dwight managed to escape with a mere fine, much to everyone’s gladness. Speaking of Dwight, it was very sad to learn Caroline had returned his letters, clearly upsetting him so much that he’s now considering becoming a navy doctor, which is not a very good decision; Cornwall needs you Dwight! So does Caroline!

There was some light at the end of the tunnel; Captain Henshawe was able to afford to keep the mine open for a longer period, making everyone happy, including the first time father, Ted Carkeek, played with cheerful enthusiasm by Lewis Peek. We also received the delightful news we’d been longing for – Verity and Captain Blamey are expecting their first child together. It’s about time.

Everything inevitably turned upside down though – as it so often does in Poldark – as an accident in the mine resulted in Ted’s death. Emotional scenes followed as the mother of his child knelt beside his lifeless body, sobbing – very emotional scenes indeed.

Elizabeth, again, was having a bad time of it, and when her mother became terribly ill, she ended up in a bit of a fix. Feeling increasingly alone and desperate, she made a very bad decision regarding the persistent and sneaky George Warleggan.

George arguably bribed his way towards her hand in marriage, with great lines such as, “My house is four times the size of Trenwith”. He also referred to Elizabeth as being “frail” and, granted, she is at this point in time due to the recent events in her life. After a speech that he’d no doubt been planning for weeks, that was the way George won the lonely widow over – with words.

Fundamentally, Elizabeth only cares for her son Geoffrey Charles, which is understandable. A rich man like George Warleggan can provide future care and essentials for Elizabeth and her son, in addition to her ailing mother, so keeping all of their best interests at heart, Elizabeth agreed to George’s offer.poldark-series-2-episode-8-2Aunt Agatha once again made her opinions known when George left, comparing him to the Devil and expressing her feelings of Elizabeth being tempted. “Yes Aunt, all these things and more besides. A fortune for my boy”, which reiterated Elizabeth’s desire to do anything to provide a good life for her son. This, to a degree, demonstrated a selfish side of Elizabeth, as she appeared to not be marrying for love, but for financial security. Why else would she marry George?

It all turned very dim as the episode continued and Ross learnt of Elizabeth’s news via a letter in which she wrote, ‘I who have hurt you once before would do almost anything than to hurt you again in the same way’. As Ross read Elizabeth’s heartfelt note (and saw George’s name), his eyes filled with despair, and then anger. It’s been evident that Ross still holds feelings towards Elizabeth for some time now, and her announcement that she’s marrying his worst enemy was never going to end well.

After unpleasantly ordering Demelza to get out of his way, Ross angrily galloped to Trenwith with his trusty steed. Being in an emotional state, he literally kicked down the door and stormed up to Elizabeth’s bedroom. “Do you love George?” he asked her, to which she replied with a sheepish ‘Yes’. Neither Ross, nor anyone at home, believed her. Things quickly turned ugly as Ross forcefully kissed Elizabeth, and whilst at first she resisted, it didn’t take long for her to give in. It’s a scene that’s already caused a fair share of controversy for the series and the BBC.

Suffice to say, Ross didn’t go home that night, and Demelza woke up to sharing a bed with her son, Jeremy. Clearly angered, and rightfully so, Demelza gave Ross what was coming to him when he arrived home – a good whack. Leaving him stunned on the ground, she stormed off; don’t mess with a miner’s daughter!

The eighth episode of Poldark’s second season was full of twists and turns, surprises and sorrow. I look forward to episode nine, wondering how Ross and Demelza’s relationship will mend itself. Can it ever be right after what Ross has done?


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