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Episode seven of the much beloved Poldark had ups and downs, secrecy and even a smirk from the robust George Warleggan.

The episode started as Captain MacNeil was on the lookout for smugglers, his accent strong as he discussed with his colleague. Ross bravely ventured to the Isles Of Scilly to meet with Mark Daniel to ask of the goodness he claimed to have viewed down in the mines, yet he appeared to be very little help. Cornish wrestling was also humorously brought up as Ross returned to see Jud, Prudie and Demelza in a heap on the floor, amusingly staring at them intensely before saying, “The noble art of Cornish wrestling”.

Meanwhile, planning to elope, Dwight Enys and Caroline Penvenen met up to discuss their arrangements. “It would be worth it to be your wife,” Caroline said lovingly, and a smile appeared to escape from Dwight before he replied, “But you may find the reality less than you imagine.” It’s a heart-breaking line, as they’re quite clearly in love, yet he doesn’t appear to feel worthy of Caroline.

Back to Ross, who hid in his smuggling hole from the guards whilst Demelza worried her poor little socks off, resulting in her singing a song that made a comeback from series one, ‘I’d pluck a fair rose’.

Haughty George Warleggan sent notes to Elizabeth warning her of troubles from France. Tankard was the messenger and Elizabeth – who last week seemed to be warming to George’s attention – appeared offended that George himself didn’t turn up on her doorstep. “Had he no other suggestions to make, no assistance to offer?” she asked. Tankard sheepishly replied that Warleggan would have felt “impertinent”.

Aunt Agatha, who’s made her dislike of George perfectly clear over the previous few episodes, showed no fear as she rather amusingly demonstrated that she can fend for herself by pulling out a pistol.poldark-s2e7-still-01Tankard returned to George and spoke to him about a husband for Elizabeth. “I wonder she does not re-marry, a husband could offer her more protection”. A sly smirk appeared from George, who replied, “He could. And he will.” His intentions have been clear from the beginning, it’s just a matter of when he’ll make his move.

Viewers’ hearts broke as Dwight and Caroline’s plans were shattered as the doctor ran to Ross’ rescue – being the wonderful friend he is – and he sadly got caught up in the smuggling ordeal, leaving Caroline sitting in her carriage with little Horace for the best part of a whole night.

Dwight got knocked out, which caused more heartache when he learnt the following morning that Caroline had moved to London with her uncle. You can’t help but feel awful for Dwight – played incredibly well by Luke Norris – who is always trying to do the right thing, even when it thwarts his own happiness.

Prudie rudely, yet amusingly, hid notes from Trenwith that were supposed to be seen by Ross, prompting a visit from Elizabeth who was clearly affronted at being ignored. “I expect he was too busy to reply”, she said. Naturally, Demelza didn’t respond well – it’s all in her facial expression. Tensions between the two women have been brewing for a while but will they ever be able to see eye to eye again?

Episode seven was full of anticipation, twists and turns. With just three episodes to go, it’s a waiting game to see if Dwight will ever get the girl.


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