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Back with news and reviews, and hopefully an opportunity to laugh at Jeff Goldblum, this week Simon and Jo managed to see a 70mm print of Ridley Scott’s Alien, saw the start-studded Simon Callow directed, The Philanthropist and viewed Edward Hopper, Grant Wood and Georgia O’Keeffe at the America After the Fall exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art.

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00:00 – Introduction

01:15 – In the Media: The Bridge Theatre (Nicholas Hytner’s new theatre to open in October), the Tate yacht for Nicholas Serota and Jeff Goldblum joining Jurassic Park V/Jurassic World II

8:07 – Theatre: The Philanthropist (at Trafalgar Studios)

11:40 – Theatre/Comedy: My Family: Not the Sitcom (at Playhouse Theatre)

17:12 – Art: America After The Fall: Painting in the 1930’s (at The Royal Academy of Art)

22:38 – Film: Alien (in 70mm at Picturehouse Central and Prince Charles Cinema)

27:05 – Film: Their Finest

33:59 – Outro (OJ: Made in America on BBC4 and Shyamalan’s Unbreakable/Split sequel…)

Images: © Universal Pictures / Manuel Harlan / Twentieth Century Fox / The Art Institute of Chicago

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