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TV broadcaster, comedian and open game enthusiast Charlie Brooker, is set to appear as a character in the new tactical World War Two shooter, Sniper Elite 3.

After being invited down to visit and tour Rebellion Studios and getting an early hands-on session of the upcoming game, Brooker was offered a cameo appearance by Rebellion’s Creative Director Jason Kingsley, as ‘thank you’ for his previous written admiration for the series.


“We really appreciate Charlie championing a British-made game series” said Jason Kingsley, “We had a fun time doing his motion capture scenes and in return have promised to give him one of the first copies of the game in June so he can shoot his character with a sniper rifle to his heart’s content.”

Rebellion is attempting to keep the specifics of this new character under wrap; however Brooker has undergone full motion capture to recreate his likeness and recording sessions to encapsulate his voice. Rebellion has also promised that the story behind the character will appeal to Charlie’s ‘dark sense of humour’, and that players will be able to shoot and kill him within the game.


Sniper Elite 3 is due to launch on June 27th for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Those who pre-order the game will also receive the free DLC mission ‘Hunt the Grey Wolf’.

More information on the game and where it can be purchased can be found either of Rebellion’s Official Website or on their Facebook page.

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