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Polish based game development studio One More Level are thrilled to announce that their side scrolling, pixel brawler game Warlocks has successfully been funded on KickStarter. With the campaign looking to end just short of its goal to raise $25,000, the game’s fans and KickStarter backers came out in force during its last hours, tweeting, blogging, and commenting about the game, ultimately pushing the final total up to $26,451.
warlocks“First of all let me thank all of you kind backers for your amazing support! It’s a great feeling to be funded by players. Now we are sure that people really like what we are doing – our work, our game!”

“There were some moments when we thought that we couldn’t make it, but you guys kept us going strong! Now we can fully focus on the development of Warlocks! For us, these 30+ days working on this Kickstarter campaign were a truly valuable experience which we will never forget! “

The campaign for Warlocks however does not stop there, with goals to bring Warlocks to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, One More Level have opened up a PayPal pledge page where people can continue to donate, in hopes of reaching these stretch goals also.
Warlocks is set to release in April 2015 on both PC and the Nintendo Wii U, with the game also being made available through Steam early access, in November of this year, for KickStarter backers to test and provide feedback on.

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