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Pirate Sons BandIf you’re a fan of The Black Keys, White Stripes or Iggy Pop, Edinburgh rock trio Pirate Sons should be right up your street. A ramshackle rock group with rough edges and a solid, distinguishable sound, Pirate Sons move in the same circles as the likes of Glasvegas and are steadily making a name for themselves. Describing themselves as ‘a skateboarder, an oxygen thief and a sexually ambiguous artist’, this is a bizarre combination that shouldn’t work but somehow does.

The upcoming EP, titled 233U, is named after the infamous home of the Dirty, Dirty Rascals – a place that has proved to be a big influence for the band. The EP is inspired by the colourful personalities who have occupied the couch at the notorious 5 bedroom flat.

Recorded on 2-inch reel-to-reel at Edinburgh’s famous Chamber Studio, Pirate Sons have created a raw and fuzzy, whiskey-soaked sound that should put them firmly on the music map. 233U will be released on June 2nd.

Check them out now – www.soundcloud.com/piratesons

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