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Pierre The Maze Detective – Hiro Kamigaki and IC4DESIGN Review

Pierre The Maze Detective – Hiro Kamigaki and IC4DESIGN Review

Released: September 2015

Are you bored? Feeling restless, but want to go on an adventure without leaving the snug comfort of your home? Well Pierre the detective needs your help!

Mr X has stolen the Maze Stone, and it’s now up to Pierre and friend Carmen to solve the mystery and hunt down the villain before he disappears for good. You must travel throughout the various areas of Opera City – from the bustling city boulevards to the winding woodland tree houses – to try and catch up with Mr X and put a stop to his dastardly plans, as well as collect the mislaid treasure pieces along the way.Pierre The Maze Detective_3DPierre the Maze Detective is a beautiful, colourful, intricately designed collection of mazes – fifteen full-page spreads in total that reach corner to corner – that will delight and entertain children and adults alike. Navigating the puzzles isn’t easy; they are tricky mazes with muddling, intermingling passages and perplexing routes (thankfully answers are provided at the back, like any good adventure book!). Each small section of every page teems with detailed scenes, whether anachronistic or just plain bizarre – from monkeys on the loose to ninjas scaling walls and sea monsters attacking ships.extract-from-Pierre-the-Maze-Detective-by-Hiro-Kamigaki-and-IC4Designs-plublished-by-Laurence-King--(5)Where’s Wally comparisons are fair and justified, but this book is more than just spotting a striped shirt in a crowd: along with traversing the pages’ complex routes (and even multiple maze-within-a-maze puzzles), you must sleuth your way through the illustrated land with keen eyes to locate the hidden pictures and solve the additional ‘side mission’ challenges. In all honesty, I had to rope in some extra help from more-than-willing friends in order to complete these quests. It is a perfect adventure book to explore by yourself or, like me, with the eager and excitable assistance of others. Brimming with fun, this gorgeous collection of puzzles will occupy you for hours, and keep you returning to it even once all the mazes have been solved.


Pierre the Maze Detective is published by Laurence King.

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