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One might argue that symmetrical photography is a cliché too far, not so much an image as an art piece. But photos that are unaltered, perfectly symmetrical in one way or another, have a beauty that can be matched by few other sights. Be it through a reflection, or a happy coincidence of manmade and natural architecture, they are sights that capture the eye. Here’s our pick of some of the best symmetrical photographs on Flickr.


While the effect of a reflection on water is beautiful enough, it takes more to make a truly beautiful photo. In this one, that extra element is the fantastic colour palette that has been captured by the photographer. There is the pitch black of the dark night at the top and bottom of the frame and the pure white of the lit areas inside the arches, all against sharp yellow and blues. To see such variety in one picture is rather surprising.

In Her Heart the Time Has Come to Lose a Son

One thing great art does is raise questions, and this photo is no exception. Question number one being: What is it? It looks like the inside of a glass building, but then it could just as easily be the roof of a railway shed or something similar. It’s surreal and alluring, the natural contours of the structure framing the light that pours in perfectly. The conceptual title, ‘In Her Heart the Time Has Come to Lose a Son’, only serves to add more intrigue to the image, evoking the idea of the centre of the shot being the heart of some great beast.

La Pyramide du Louvre

Yes, the Louvre Pyramid is hardly obscure or original, but it could hardly be left out of a discussion on symmetrical images, and this particular shot proves exactly why. Even while focusing heavily on the Pyramid itself, the shot takes in the Palace to the right, and other parts of the Paris skyline to the left, creating a well-filled image. Only the water feature surrounding the Pyramid can be seen on the ground, meaning every part of the image (bar the tiny area in the left-bottom corner) is reflected in a slick, glass like style. This shot fully exploits the great resource that the Pyramid is.

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