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The three photos selected this month are all connected by the theme of inner-city life, as the name of the first photo suggests. City life can be hectic and chaotic, but also surprisingly beautiful, as these photos represent.


The title shot is a great representation of landscape photography. Comprised of 4 shots taken at the same location and layered, at first glance it comes across as simply a cacophony; too much going on at once. But if one looks deeper, then it slowly comes across as quite a striking effect. The light streaks as a result of long-exposure and the jarred perspective, that comes as a result of the two slightly differing angles, gives an echoed look, as if nothing is quite as it seems.


From life on the ground, to the sheer scale of a modern city. There are no people to be seen, drowned out by the size and verticality of Shanghai, the city shown here. Most cityscape shots fail to capture a sense of perspective as to how tall some of these buildings are, but here the largest buildings, including the Shanghai World Financial Center, one of the tallest buildings in the world, are juxtaposed with the ocean of ostensibly tiny office blocks that litter the bottom of the frame – in reality tall buildings themselves. The light pollution in the top corners is also staggering, with the sky a sort of beige, despite the photo being taken at night.


It might be a cliché, but nothing better represents life in a city than a wide, long-exposure shot, and in particular, this photo uses the technique brilliantly to capture the pulsating light emanating from the central road. It feels like a metaphor for city life in a microcosm – around it, there’s light but only faint signs of it. In the centre there’s a mass concentration of light and life, where so many have all flocked at once. The Golden Gate Bridge is also beautifully lit in the background, linking the shot to popular reality.

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