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Orphan Black Series 2, Episode 7 Recap

Orphan Black Series 2, Episode 7 Recap

‘Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things’

“And then I killed her” was the moment when I became really proud of Alison this series. Vic did her some good after all and the scenes between the two of them have become more and more intense but also rather…sweet. There’s a truth there, a connection that remains even after Felix threatens him. Alison suddenly becomes speechless and there’s the possibility she might still quite like him. Who can blame her? He’s just so vulnerable and his poem for Sarah was terrible. I can’t be the only one who thinks he needs a happy ending.

The shenanigans of Family Day were just as funny as the previous episode. It’s great to see how quickly things can change – switching from a shot of Vic passed out with glitter on his face, to the intense reunion of Rachel and her father.
orphan-black-series-2-episode-7I continued to believe that Donnie Hendrix was Alison’s monitor after the reveal at the end of the last series. It was therefore refreshing to find out that he was completely clueless about his actions. Although it was hinted that he didn’t really have a clue at the Graveyard scene; mistaking musical Sarah for Manning.

The ever un-interesting Cal still doesn’t seem to care about what’s going on. He’s too busy wanting to get jiggly with Sarah. I bet that will come back to bite him.

Unfortunately there was no Helena this week…but there was more than enough going on elsewhere to forgive that, including more conflict between Cosima and her girlfriend when it’s revealed that they’ve been using Kira’s stem cells for the experiment.

I was right about things leading up to a climax after last week. Leekie met his maker in the best possible way. It was unexpected and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Donnie. The husband and wife are both murderers now, which should make their dynamic more interesting. I wonder if they’ll tell each other the crimes that they’ve committed…

The episode ended with a bang and was definitely highly entertaining, though not the absolute pinnacle of the series so far.


To find out what happens next, tune in on Wednesday at 10pm on BBC Three. 

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